Killed in Iraq responsible for oil head of the “Islamic state”

As reported by Reuters, Sami Jassim al-Jabouri, known under the pseudonym of Haji Hamad,” replied in the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) for the extraction of all natural resources, including oil. He was killed in a joint operation by Iraqi Kurdish and U.S. special forces.

The fact of the destruction of one of leaders of terrorists confirmed the official representative of the Ministry of defense Adrian Rankin-Galloway. According to him, the special operation was carried out on 11 August on the Syrian-Iraqi border, but only now it became possible to confirm the results. Specifies that in addition to al-Jabburi was eliminated and his Deputy.

According to special services of different countries, the militants of the “Islamic state” your main income received from captured fields in Iraq and Syria. The Russian Ministry of defense claimed that the oil terrorists sell to Turkey, and the US state Department claimed that it buys Bashar Assad’s government.

In mid-April, Reuters reported a decline in revenues from oil production on the territories controlled by the IG. This was due to both American and Russian attack on the convoy of fuel trucks. In addition, the governmental armies of Syria and Iraq have managed to recapture a few fields and refineries, earlier captured by militants.