The security Council of Russia has proposed to link the Arctic and Siberia airships

The idea of transport-logistics corridors Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich suggested the security Council of Russia, which is based on the proposal of academician Alexander Nekipelov Alexander “United Eurasia”. Its essence is to link the EU and the Asia-Pacific region, and to engage in the work proposed the Americans and the Europeans, who for their sake will remove the sanctions.

However, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, in detail in the project, which is estimated to cost $220-240 billion, the transport airship “Atlant”.

What airships have to provide according to the authors of the project, the traffic between the Northern sea route and TRANS-Siberian. According to them, a blimp with a cost of $30 million to replace five Mi-8 helicopters, which are now used in the far North.

Developer Atlanta called “Aeronautic center “augur””, exact owner which the newspaper could not be established. According to one, 62.5% of its shares are owned by the head of the Russian aeronautical society Stanislav Fedorov, on the other, the ownership structure of partially looped and includes Cypriot “Everfar Management limited”.

The President of the company “lokomoskay” Cyril lets says that when using airships priority is to deliver heavy cargo to remote areas, not speed. In turn, the expert of the portal, Aviation Explorer Vladimir Karnozov recalls that although the use of airships and other aircraft lighter than air for commercial purposes dream since their invention, yet nobody managed to implement such an idea with a positive financial result.