The FAS called the initiator of the investigation the mass cartel in Russia

Investigation of a cartel among suppliers for the power structures that FAS calls on an unprecedented scale (in participation are suspected, nearly 90 companies), lasted six months. About it in interview to TV channel said the head of the Department for combating cartels Federal Antimonopoly service Andrey Tanichev, who led the investigation.

The official said that six years ago, the interior Ministry drew attention to the fact that an auction for the supply of uniforms for the security agencies goes to 40 companies that pay up to 10 million rubles of the software application, and then not traded and do not reduce prices. “The same company roam from auction to auction, but the price decline is not happening,” explained Tenishev.

According to officials, the companies was carried out jointly with the interior Ministry. FAS is going to transfer materials to law enforcement agencies, as it believes that it is a conspiracy of business entities. “We believe that we are talking about criminal cartel and the evidence of criminal community. These two articles 178 and 210 of the Criminal code, we will ask the interior Ministry to initiate a criminal case”, — he added.

Earlier FAS reported that dozens of textile factories have teamed up to bid for a total amount of RUB 3.5 billion. “[Real] bids were submitted more often [just] one organization, despite the fact that the auction was attended by 11 to 40 organizations, and the rest refused to fight to ensure the victory of the “right” party and maintain prices”, — stated in the message on the website of the FAS.

According to “SPARK-Marketing”, 2011, the company charged with conspiracy, entered the Ministry of the interior contracts for the supply of clothing, footwear, sleeping bags, bedding, and other clothing and equipment for more than RUB 7 billion Most profitable for these companies was 2015 when they won bids for 3 billion rubles from this period include procurement, while checking which anti-monopolists and revealed the conspiracy, said the Director of a company accused of involvement in the cartel.

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