Ukraine pulled heavy weaponry to the border with the Crimea

As the head of the State border service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko, the Agency has strengthened its reserves on the border with Crimea. According to him, the border tightened including heavy weapons, “Interfax Ukraine”.

Nazarenko described the situation on the border is complex, but controlled on the Ukrainian side”. According to him, the guards “ready to develop any events and developments may be the most unconventional.

The head of the State border guard service also said the situation on the Crimean section of the border “another stage of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine”.

Nazarenko also noted that shots from the mainland in the direction of the Crimea was not. “We would know about it, we would have fixed it, because we are responsible for it”, – he said.

The situation around the Crimea have intensified after August 10, the FSB announced the arrest in the Peninsula of the Ukrainian subversive group were preparing a series of explosions on Russian territory. Intelligence agencies have reported that during the operation to detain saboteurs killed an FSB officer and a Russian soldier. In Moscow pointed out that one of those arrested was an employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Yevgeniy Panov.

The Ukrainian side’s accusations in his address rejected. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the messages about the planned diversion are “fantasies” and “the reason for the next military threats”. In the Ukrainian intelligence statements about the attacks called a “provocation”.