Crimean state: provoke any aggravation in the Crimea, military conflict

Russian group

Ukraine reported on Thursday on the strengthening of the Russian military on the border of the Peninsula. “In the Armenian direction in the area of the checkpoint “Kalanchak” mechanized company of up to 100 soldiers in five “KAMAZ” has arrived and is deployed in combat formations,” reports the news Agency UNIAN words of the speaker of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznyov. According to the staff, at the direction Dzhankoy was spotted by a company of eight infantry fighting vehicles and multiple rocket launchers “Grad”. Border service of Ukraine stated about 15 flights of helicopters Mi-8 from 7 August, told the publication “Ukrainska Pravda” in the Department. The Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko said that “in recent days from the side of the Armyansk on the mainland Ukraine recorded four unmanned aerial vehicles” of Russia. Wednesday, 10 August, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko also told reporters about the concentration of Russian troops on the border.

According to military analyst Anton Lavrov on the 10th of August on the territory of the Peninsula was airlifted motorized rifle brigade. About the movement of troops on the Peninsula was reported by German newspaper Bild. “This is a temporary strengthening of the border with Ukraine,” — said Lavrov. But he said that the last time additional forces in the Crimea was transferred in 2014.

The Ministry of defense of Russia about additional buildup of forces in connection with the incident in Crimea announced. sent a request to the military Department.

The Russian military grouping in Crimea has about 22 thousand people, said the Ukrainian military expert Konstantin Mashovets. According to him, on the Peninsula, concentrated all forces — ground forces, aerospace and Navy. “In Crimea, created a self-contained multiservice group that can independently operate on the border,” confirms the words of the Ukrainian expert military analyst, member of the public Council under the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Korotchenko. On the Peninsula deployed the 12th and 18th artillery regiments, and the 37th mixed aviation regiment and the 38th fighter regiment, having armed with the su-24, su-25, su-27 and su-30. In November 2014 was formed on the 8th artillery regiment coastal defense. A gunners are reactive systems of volley fire “Tornado”, anti-tank complexes “Chrysanthemum” and other types of equipment. In the black sea fleet also has missile ships and submarines equipped with tactical cruise missiles “Caliber”, passed military tests in the course of the conflict in Syria.

The application of the contraction of the Russian military to the border came amid the announcement of the FSB disclosure of group of saboteurs in the Crimea, which, according to the Agency, were preparing terrorist attacks on the Peninsula. Security officials called the detained employees of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, during the shooting, if in detention, killed an FSB officer and one serviceman of the defense Ministry, reported to the FSB. Ukraine denied the charges, and the chief of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Valery Kondratyuk said Thursday that the shooting was a collision between a Russian military and FSB border service of Russia.

Military group of the Russian troops in the Crimea unfolds from the time of occurrence of Republic in structure of Russia. About the systematic deployment of additional forces in Crimea in July, reported the Newspaper.<url>. According to the publication, in August 2016 on the Peninsula had deployed anti-aircraft missile regiment, which is serving the system With-400 “Triumph”. The range of application of the complex — up to 400 km.

The Ukrainian army

Ukraine has accused Russia of increased combat readiness in three areas in the South of the country. At a meeting with heads of power departments and the Ministry of foreign Affairs on Thursday afternoon the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ordered to bring in enhanced combat readiness of the Armed forces, national guard, Border service and the security Service of Ukraine. “Special requirements — he said — to the guards in areas of the administrative border with the temporarily occupied Crimea and on the line of contact in Donbas”. Reinforcement will have a border with Crimea in Kherson region and neighboring Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia regions, experts say. The speaker of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev refused to disclose the number of forces concentrated on Ukraine’s border with the Peninsula. “That is classified information, especially in this period”, — explained the refusal to review an Advisor to the Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine Vasily Budik.

According to the report, Military Balance 2016 the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS), the total number of Armed forces of Ukraine are 204 thousand people. The military has 788 is tanks, most of them are obsolete T-64. In addition, the air force of Ukraine have capable aircraft 202 — multi-purpose fighters su-27 and MiG-29, su-25 and Sukhoi su-24.

Increased the combat readiness of military units on the territory of three provinces does not give the Ukrainian army no advantage, says Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov. “Between the Peninsula and the mainland by a thin isthmus, there is nowhere to deploy forces”, — the expert explains. “The attacking side will have to force a thin isthmus or deploy a large amphibious operation”, — says military expert Alexander Goltz to explain the impossibility of an open confrontation in the Crimea. According to him, in the case of theoretical confrontation between the armies of Russia and Ukraine, the latter can not oppose the superior forces of something serious. “Thanks to recent reforms of the Russian troops have the ability to quickly deploy forces in any direction”, — the expert explains.

Despite the increase in groups in the Crimea and the response of the Ukrainian army, do not expect an open clash, according to the Deputy Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin. “The transfer of the battalion doesn’t mean anything, no one is planning a large-scale offensive,” — said the expert. “The Ukrainian military Department does not consider that the actions of the Russian forces in the Crimea are offensive in nature,” — said Ukrainian analyst Mashovets.


Now on the Peninsula conducted a special operation that oversees the FSB, says the President of the International counter-terrorism Association Joseph Linder. The defense Ministry, interior Ministry and FSB Regardie help at his level, he adds. “To ensure the work of the FSB should be introduced to strengthen the border, the mode of strengthening radio monitoring”, — says the expert. On the introduction of special modes of communication indirectly suggests disruptions of cellular operators and Internet service providers.

A resident of one of the Crimean military towns said that on 10 and 11 August in the city there was no network signal. Crimean Internet service provider SkyLine on August 8 on its website said that Internet access for subscribers of the company will be limited in connection with the requirement of government agencies. Later in the company letter was changed and the reference to requirements disappeared. About disruptions on the network said the company “Krymtelekom” and “K-Telecom”, explaining their maintenance.

A special regime was introduced at the locations of the internal troops and the military, says Crimean resident. failed to get a prompt review from the center of public relations of FSB of Russia. The press-Secretary of Regardie Yevgeny Kubyshkin, declined to comment, citing national security concerns. However, he noted that the leading role in the operation played by the FSB.

Appeals to the world

On Thursday evening the UN Security Council held a closed meeting on the situation in the Crimea. The meeting was initiated by Ukraine. During the meeting the Ukrainian side intends to inform members of the Council on the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in General, mentioned in the Twitter of the Ukrainian mission to the UN.

As stated today by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko, his country’s position already expressed in the statements of the MFA and of the President of Ukraine, who consider the incident at Armyansk as a “Russian provocation” and pay attention to the concentration of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders. The diplomat urged the international community to influence the Kremlin by all possible political and diplomatic measures” and added that these allegations will soon be decorated as the official documents of the UN General Assembly and the UN security Council.

The European Commission has called for a “peaceful resolution of the conflict”, said The Wall Street Journal, the press-Secretary of the European Commission maja Kocijancic. The representative also stressed the lack of “independent confirmation of the Russian version of events.