The media reported on a possible delay of the exit of Britain from the EU

A British exit from the EU could be delayed, reports Reuters, citing The Sunday Times, which is in turn a reference to its sources. According to the British newspaper, the Brexit could take place by the end of 2019, and not to the beginning of the year, as expected, some British politicians.

The reason is that government departments, which will deal with issues of a British exit from the EU, is still not fully staffed.

Thus, the implementation of the provisions of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and the beginning of formal British exit from the European Union, could be held later, the magazine writes.

Earlier, the British international trade Minister Liam Fox said that Brexit will be held in early January 2019, and a formal two-year negotiations should start in early 2017. The head of the Ministry Brexit David Davis called estimated date of exit from the EU at the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

To meet this schedule requires that the British government under article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty until the end of the year submitted to Brussels an official statement on withdrawal from the EU. Brussels demands from British Prime Minister Theresa may to do it as soon as possible, fearing that “any delay only unnecessarily prolong the uncertainty.” May, in turn, said that it will do so before 2017, because the new Cabinet needs time to prepare for the negotiations.

The British voted for the country’s withdrawal from the EU on 23 June this year. That the UK left the Union voted 51.9% of voters.