The Soviet doctor told me about the state doping program in the USSR

Shortly before the boycott of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles sports officials of the Soviet Union sent detailed instructions for the preparation of their athletes to the head athletic national team. This writes the New York Times, citing documents given to the publication of the former chief physician of the national team of the USSR Grigory Vorobiev.

In the documents, copies of which publishes the newspaper, says that steroid drugs in the pill are not sufficient to provide leadership in the Games. The team was instructed to use three types of injectable anabolic steroids (retabolil, stromba and stromba-jecht.

The document also spelled out were the timing of the course of medication over 145-157 days before the start of the Games-1984. The document was signed by Dr. Sergey Portugalov, who recently was involved in a doping scandal in Russian athletics.

In conversation with the publication Vorobiev, who now lives in the USA, noticed that he did not know whether to apply this scheme in practice.

He also said that in 1970 the Soviet athletes had approached him with questions about doping, especially after trips to international competitions. The athletes who turned to him with questions, he is advised to apply the smallest dose as possible.” Vorobyov stressed that many athletes refused to take the doping. The exact number of athletes who used doping and renounce the use of banned substances, he does not know.