The world Bank complained about the inability of Kiev to learn loans

Ukraine is unable to learn by her means, has declared to the edition “Mirror of week” senior Manager of portfolio of world Bank projects in Ukraine Klavdia Maksimenko.

“Donor meetings, we see that the same problems faced and the European Bank for reconstruction and development and the European investment Bank and KfW. Experience in implementation of similar projects in other countries shows that they can be implemented in Ukraine, but experience unfortunately proves the opposite”, she said.

According to Maksimenko, some of these problems are associated with lack of flexibility in decision-making power: the Ukrainian bureaucratic system is very regulated and closed in on ourselves. Every steps are described in the legislation, and any amendments to it — a long and laborious process, she said.

Negotiations, he added Maksimenko, “as a rule, end with the conviction of people’s deputies that the necessary changes will not affect their business interests.”

“Sometimes I get this sad impression that the world Bank’s projects in Ukraine most of all needs the world Bank. But we are not actually making money investing in Ukraine is not the source of our income. Moreover, if the project was not implemented or was not implemented fully, for us it is rather a loss, because we spend to prepare projects of its own resources, which Ukraine does not need us to return,” she added.

The world Bank is one of the “Troika” of creditors of Ukraine. In addition to the WB, is also the international monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU).