Ex-banker Antonov filed a lawsuit against Lithuania for 40 billion rubles

The former owner of Snoras Bank (nationalized by the authorities of Lithuania in 2011) Vladimir Antonov has submitted to arbitration court of Moscow the claim, the defendant in which is the Ministry of justice of Lithuania, of the material should be published in the record of the court. According to this evidence, the plaintiff is seeking payment of about 20.2 billion rubles in compensation for property losses, and more than 19,9 billion roubles in compensation of harm caused to business reputation of the businessman.

In addition, the Antonov requires the recognition of untrue statements of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, who called in 2011, management activities of Snoras “a daring attack against the Lithuanian banking system and against the interests of the citizens of Lithuania.”

As interim measures in the case of Antonov, the court forbade to dispose of real estate owned by JSC “SNORAS Bank” and is located on the territory of Russia, follows from the materials of the court. In particular, under the interim measure has got 12 non-residential buildings in Moscow and several non-residential buildings in Moscow region, as well as two concrete fence in the capital with a total length of about 400 m.

In addition, the court has forbidden to change the mortgagee more than ten apartments in the mortgage, JSC “SNORAS Bank”, as well as being pledged to the Bank of non-residential buildings and premises, houses and land plots, located in Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg.

Following judicial session under the claim of the Antonov is scheduled for September 22.

In November 2011, the Lithuanian authorities announced the nationalization of the Bank Snoras, which was considered at that time the fifth largest commercial Bank in the country. The Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s office began pre-judicial investigation into the activities of managers and owners of the Bank. A few days after that Vladimir Antonov was arrested in London on charges of misappropriation of funds in large sizes and forging of documents, but later released on bail.

Anton himself then said about the political background of his case and that he intends to seek political asylum in the UK. In 2014, a British court ruled the decision to extradite Antonov in Lithuania, the businessman has submitted to this decision but the appeal in the spring of 2015, London’s High court rejected it. In July 2015, it became known that Antonov left Britain, later Forbes announced the return of the businessman in Russia.