The liberal democratic party will tell voters about “mutotu” in the state Duma

The candidates of the LDPR in the state Duma received from the party Handbook for preparation to participate in election debates (have). The brochure talks about the weaknesses of all the parties running in state Duma elections — both parliamentary, and small. Special attention was paid to the liberal democratic party scandalous episodes of certain representatives of competitors.

“United Russia” remember the scandals with deputies of the state Duma Ilya Reznik, who was declared wanted by the Spanish Prosecutor’s office (later canceled), Mikhail Slipenchuk and Victor Zvagelsky — the people involved in the Panama issue. The liberal democratic party also has a Deputy, mentioned in “the Panama papers,” Igor Ananskikh, but about him in the party allowance is not reported.

Also lists United Russia, nominated in single-mandate constituencies, who never spoke at meetings of the state Duma of the sixth convocation, among them two wealthy businessman — Andrey Skoch and Grigory Anikeev.

Got and entourage of deputies: for example, mentions an interview with “the wives of United Russia Vitaly Yuzhilin Ilona Stole” (according to the Declaration, in MP there is no official spouses), who in an interview with Vogue magazine “boasted that her wardrobe has more than 60 dresses luxury brand (the price of each more than $7 million)”. “She lives with his wife in a luxurious mansion on the ruble and did not feel the crisis”, — concluded interview with the authors of the brochure.

The Handbook referred to and set aside the governors-United Russia until former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Forgot LDPR and the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region from the “United Russia” Ilya Haffner that in an interview about the crisis in Russia, advised citizens to eat less than, although he was notable for plump appearance”.

To the facts incriminating the Communist party, the authors of the brochure include a scandal with the Deputy-Communist Denis by Voronenkova, which appeared in the list of Panamanian offshore companies. And the Deputy Vadim Solovyov, said the brochure, proposed to ban in Russia “the super-popular computer game “Pokemon Go”. “This is further proof of the totalitarian thinking of the Communists: all they do not understand, — to prohibit,” explains the liberal democratic party.

Deputy Valery Rashkin blamed the fact that he “openly flirts with the radical opposition.” According to the LDPR, the leader of the Moscow Communists “invited to cooperate” opposition Alexei Navalny, Ilya Yashin and Dmitry Gudkov. On cooperation Rashkin and Bulk in April 2016, the Prosecutor General requested the Deputy from LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev, citing “media reports”. Rashkin was then called the reports of his cooperation with the opposition “absolute mess.”

“Fair Russia” to recall its deputies Ilya Ponomarev, deprived of the mandate, and Alexei Mitrofanov deprived of parliamentary immunity. In addition, the brochure notes that the socialist-revolutionaries “did not hesitate to invite the electoral list of the richest people” — for example, in the Voronezh region is the head of the Moscow industrial Bank Abubakar Arsamakov income in 2015 567 million rubles.

The proposed debate theses ridiculed the names of the parties. According to the liberal democratic party, the name of the “United Russia” puts into question the unity of the country. Strange name and the “Yabloko” party, said in the brochure — “imagine Azerbaijan party “Eggplant”, “Onions”, “Garlic”.

“Fair Russia”, according to the liberal democratic party, “it’s just nonsense,” and the Communists “on the example of the USSR showed that it is not able to run the country.”

The Deputy from “Fair Russia” Alexander Tarnavskiy said that already faced some of the TV channels with the representatives of the liberal democratic party, which has moved to the boorish behavior”, although in Parliament they behaved normally. “This is the corporate identity of the liberal democratic party, so they have a great rating,” — said the Deputy.

The law on state Duma elections prohibits the dissemination of the channels of information promoting creation of negative attitude of voters towards parties that nominated candidates — but only in campaign commercials, says the lawyer of “the Voice” Stanislaw Raczynski. Debate this prohibition does not apply, he says.

This training manual LDPR “arming” their candidates before each election of the state Duma, said Degtyarev. “You attack, we will not, but if opponents try to get personal, our candidates must be the answer”, — said Degtyarev.