The media found out about Prokhorov’s proposed $1 billion for a stake in Rusal

ONEXIM group Mikhail Prokhorov is negotiating with the structures of Renova Viktor Vekselberg on the sale of 17.02% stake in aluminium producer UC Rusal, RNS reported, citing two sources familiar with the consultations. One of the sources clarified that we are talking about $1 billion, which structure Vekselberg suggested that Prokhorov for his stake in Rusal.

The interlocutor of Agency has specified that it is $200 million more than previously proposed offer of family structures of Suleiman Kerimov for the same stake.

RNS claims that this information was confirmed by another source familiar with the plans ONEXIM, in this case, ONEXIM, Renova, UC Rusal and EN+ of Oleg Deripaska from the official declined to comment.

Earlier, on July 19, Vekselberg said that his company has not received an offer from ONEXIM and Kerimov’s structures for the purchase of 17% of RUSAL. “It is a question either Kerimov or Anexia. We have not received an invitation from Kerimov and ONEXIM, too,” he said then.

Before that, on July 18, the source of “Interfax” was told that the structure of said Kerimov sent ONEXIM offer to buy shares of 17.02% UC Rusal. The proposal options the source did not disclose. Said Kerimov was the son of a businessman, a member of the Federation Council of Suleiman Kerimov, who took 45th place in the list of the richest businessmen of Russia Forbes with a fortune of $1.6 billion.

On the informal negotiating structures Prokhorov and Vekselberg regarding the sale of a package of Rusal, Bloomberg reported July 4. Moreover, the Agency sources said that during the previous three months, the group has made the “unofficial” attempts to sell its share to two other co-owners of UC Rusal group Vekselberg and Sual one of the largest in the world traders Glencore.

Major shareholders of UC Rusal are En+ of Oleg Deripaska (48,13%), ONEXIM Mikhail Prokhorov (of 17.02%), Sual Partners of Viktor Vekselberg and Leonid Blavatnik (15.8 per cent) and Glencore (8,75%).

On 4 July, the newspaper “Vedomosti” informed about the intention of ONEXIM to sell off Russian assets. In addition to Rusal, mentioned energy company “Quadra-power generation”, SK “the Consent”, the Bank “Renaissance Credit, Renaissance Capital, IFC, shares in Uralkali and development company OPIN, as well as the media .

The General Director Oneksima Dmitry Razumov in response, said that the group has not taken a decision on the sale of all assets. “We are in talks about buying and selling, the involvement of partners in respect of certain assets,” he said, adding that many such negotiations “continue for a few years.” According to him, incorrect on the facts of the negotiations to conclude the sale of all assets in Russia.” “No decisions on this subject have not been taken,” — he stressed.

In April, during a straight line President Vladimir Putin, at the main office Oneksima, and also in the offices of Renaissance Capital, Renaissance Loan”, “Consent”, “Quadras” and IFC were searched. Reuters citing a source reported that the investigative action was attended by about 200 employees of the security services and tax authorities. Two source Agency, close to the business, Mikhail Prokhorov, said that the searches could be related to the activities of the company .