The media learned about the results of the meeting of the security Council of Russian Subversion in the Crimea

The Russian security Council instructed the relevant ministries and agencies to develop and propose specific measures against Ukraine in connection with the incident in the Crimea, told “Vedomosti” a source close to the defense Ministry. Another source in the power Department confirmed that the security Council has not yet identified specific steps that President Vladimir Putin and the Russian foreign Ministry promised to undertake in connection with the deaths of two Russian soldiers and the prosecution of Ukraine in the Crimea sending in subversive groups.

The interlocutor of the edition close to the defense Ministry, also said that the meeting was considered retaliation by Ukraine. At the same time, a source close to the leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, said that Moscow may cease to restrain the actions of the army of the DNI in response to artillery shelling from the Ukrainian security forces. He said that the weakening of the deterrence has already occurred in the spring.

The head of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrei Kortunov told the newspaper that the addressee Russian statements about the response is addressed to a greater extent to the West than the Ukrainian authorities. “It’s a certain lever of influence on the position of the West, if collected evidence base. It is an occasion to call on the West to increase pressure on Kiev, but until we see what the West has said about the lack of evidence and expressed no confidence” — said the expert.