The problem of the Vostochny space centre was commissioned to solve the defense Ministry

At the end of July, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin held a meeting on the issue of completion of construction and installation works on the objects of the first stage of the East, told the newspaper “the businessman” one of participants of the meeting.

In the minutes of the meeting seen by the publication, refers to the systematic failure of Spetsstroy commitments to deadlines for the first stage of the East, the lack of preparation and submission to the Executive and reporting documentation on completed works, as well as information about the elimination of comments. In addition, the participants noted the significant outflow of workers and engineering and technical personnel in enterprises within the jurisdiction of Spetsstroy because of problems with the payment of salaries and repayment of debt.

As specifies the edition, the Ministry of defence in cooperation with other Federal agencies has established a special working group to understand the problems of Spetsstroy. She has until August 25 to report on progress to the government. Headed it, according to the newspaper, Deputy defense Minister Timur Ivanov.

Tasked to take additional measures to address the comments. The group must also provide documentation of the done on objects work. Military Department together with the Ministry should also study the mechanism of Commission acceptance of previously completed work. Together with the Treasury, the Ministry of defense should develop a schedule of repayment of debts on wages in subordinate and subcontractors.