The richest candidate in the state Duma there were a “United Russia”

On the website of the CEC published the Declaration on incomes and property of candidates for deputies from “United Russia”. Declaration of United Russia was published last of all 14 parties that received the registration of the party.

List of candidates-United Russia with the highest income are headed by acting Deputy Leonid Simanovsky (indicated 909 million rubles of income) and Aleksandr Skorobogatko (745 million). Simanovsky became the leader in revenue for 2015 among all the MPs following the publication of declarations in April, increasing for the year your income is 2.5 times.

The Deputy took 87 place in the rating of Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia in 2016, with the state, valued at $0.95 billion. According to the magazine, Simanovsky owns a 1.6% stake in NOVATEK, its business partner is the richest Russian businessman Leonid Mikhelson (its condition Forbes estimated at $14.4 billion).

Skorobogatko over the past year, rapidly increased its income: in 2014, he declared, only 3.7 million rubles and in 2015, the new Forbes, the Deputy took 40 th place among the richest businessmen. His fortune the magazine estimated at $2.3 billion.

Third place the income from the candidates of United Russia took the farmer from the Voronezh region, the Deputy of regional Duma, the Secretary of the local branch of “United Russia” Alexander Knyazev (declared 327 million rubles). During the “Straight line” in April of this year he spoke to President Vladimir Putin about the dangers of palm oil and the need for special labelling of this product.

Followed by the Deputy Irek Boguslavsky (146 million roubles). He is the former head of one of the largest factories in Kazan, former co-owner of group “Nefis” and former co-investor clinic Real Trans Hair, wrote Forbes.

Closes the top five, the former Senator and Deputy Artur Chilingarov (105 mln rubles). Earlier, he declared a much lower income. In 2012 as a member of the Federation Council Chilingarov declared 3,7 million rubles, and a year – 4,3 mln. After that, he retired from Parliament and his declarations did not reported. In the last two years he was Advisor to Governor of Tula region, in addition, it was reported that he headed the Subcommittee on Arctic development the Board of Directors of “Rosneft”. On Monday evening, Chilingarov was unavailable for comment.

Deputy Joseph Kobzon (99 mln) indicated that they had received money from the production center of Grigory Leps, TV company “Red square”, “Chanson TV” and several other companies.

In seventh place in the income— first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin. He earned 87 million rubles. and became the leader of podojdu among Kremlin officials last year. The bulk of the funds from the Declaration Volodina is an income on deposits and securities, said before the interlocutor in its environment, stressing that a significant part of the income official spends on charity. Until 2007 Volodin owned shares of the holding “Solar products”.

Followed by Sergey Alekseev (74 million); — the Vice-President of “Expoforum-international” and the former General Director “Lenexpo”. He’s running for the state Duma from St. Petersburg, but is in the list of the party in the Northern capital only the 14th place out of 15, therefore has no special chances to pass in the state Duma.

The top ten were also the General Director of “Lenpoligrafmash” Kirill Soloveichik, with revenue of 53 million rubles (13th in the St. Petersburg regional group). Top 10 Nikolai Makarovets — General designer, JSC “Scientific and production Association “SPLAV” (manufacturer of jet systems of volley fire “Grad”, “Smerch”, “Uragan”, “Dam”, “Fire”, “Boa”). He ranks second in the affinity group which brings together Bryansk, Smolensk, Kaluga and Tula region.

The United Russia party member Leonid Simanovsky has declared the biggest income not only among members of United Russia, but among all of the party’s candidates. On the second place by revenues Nikolay Stepanov from “the Russian party of pensioners for justice” whose Declaration indicated an income of 751 million rubles. Stepanov explained the origin of this amount of a “mistake”: according to him, the figure on the CEC website is wrong, and its real income was 7.5 million rubles excluding Stepanova in the top 10 candidates for income, were four of the candidate from “Fair Russia”, three United Russia, one member of the Party of Growth, Boris Titov (former United Russia Deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk), one candidate from LDPR and the Communist party.

The leader of “United Russia” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was only 50 seats by income level. Among reporting the high incomes of the United Russia, a member of the Central headquarters of the movement “Immortal regiment”, Krasnodar activist onf Boris Levitsky. It is not the highest place: he’s number 15 on the list for the Krasnodar territory. Their place of work, he pointed out the inter-regional public Patriotic movement “Power” and as a source of income — “Gazprom dobycha Krasnodar” (where he was previously Deputy Director General), “Gazprombank” and OJSC “Gazprom”.

Overseas property there are nine candidates and seven relatives of applicants for the Deputy chair. Most of all they prefer Spain to buy a residential space. The apartment in this country is the wife of state Duma Deputy Nikolai Valuev and the daughter of his colleagues of Andrey Makarov. On the second place on popularity — Bulgaria. From operating deputies of the property outside of Russia (RAS), Leonid simanovskiy (town house in Cyprus) and Otari Arshba (areas in Georgia). Wife of the former President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has an apartment in the United Arab Emirates.