The transport Ministry has proposed to raise the rate for trucks in the “Plato”

The transport Ministry offers to impose additional excise duty on diesel fuel for heavy trucks, said the Minister Maxim Sokolov on Monday at a state Council Presidium meeting on the development of inland waterways. He noted that the introduction of an additional excise duty on diesel fuel, which is mostly consume commercial trucks, will offer in the budget 8 billion rubles, which is not enough for the maintenance of waterways, reports “Interfax”.

“The rising cost essentially the current price will not exceed 1%,” — said Sokolov, commenting on his proposal for a new excise tax on diesel fuel.

Sokolov also suggested that, in the period of river traffic to increase the fare in the “Plato” that collects a fee from 12-ton trucks in the account of damages to automobile roads. “It is possible to do this and on motorways, the directions of which coincide with the areas waterways, defining such a list,” he said.

According to Sokolov, the increase in payments for heavy vehicles will lead to increase of cargo transportation on the water. “For example, one part of the river with capacity of 8 thousand tons 400 is able to replace 20-ton truck,” said transport Minister (quoted by TASS).

Sokolov also noted that summer peak loads have also to Railways. “It would be appropriate in this period, not to grant discounts for the transportation of bulk and heavy cargoes by rail,” said the Minister.

In mid-June at the St. Petersburg international economic forum Maxim Sokolov has already stated the need to raise the tariff in the “Plato”. He explained that initially the law had been prescribed a rate of 3.73 RUB, but then it was reduced to 3.06 RUB, and then the government took preferential reduction in two times factor”. “Any test period must end. Therefore, we must come into the paradigm of those decisions that was planned the launch of this system,” — said the Minister.

“Plato” system of charging heavy — began to operate from November 2015. Since then, the trucks weighing more than 12 tons are obliged to pay for every kilometer traveled on the Federal highway. For the first time after the run was established a preferential rate of 1.53 Euro per 1 km of Federal highways. Originally it was intended to increase the tariff from 1 March 2016 to 3.06 RUB, but the government postponed the tariff increase until the autumn.

At the end of 2015 introduction of the “Plato” in 40 regions of Russia led to the protests of truckers, who spoke against additional charge.