A Ukrainian court has stripped Oschadbank exclusive rights to the brand of “Sberbank”

The Ukrainian government “Oschadny Bank (Oschadbank) has lost a court of first instance of the trademark “Sberbank”. This is stated in the financial statement of the organization published on the website of the Bank.

According to reports, the Kiev court considered filed “daughter” of Sberbank of the Russian claim, invalidated issued in 2007 Oschadbank registration certificate of the exclusive right to use in Ukraine of the trade mark “Sberbank”.

Oschadbank called the court’s decision on August 10 the “unlawful and unwarranted” and vowed to appeal it to the appellate court. “Sberbank of Russia” has made another attempt to legalize the illegal use of the trademark by the state Oschadbank”, — said the Ukrainian Bank.

At the end of November 2015, the Ukrainian “daughter” of the Russian savings Bank officially changed its name from JSC “Sberbank of Russia” JSC “Sberbank” in Oshchadbank considered a violation of their rights and an attempt to deceive the inhabitants of the country.

“Understand the motives, because Russia at the official level by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recognized the aggressor. All in some way affects the behavior of customers and can fool them, because since Soviet times a number of consumers still call the savings Bank Oschadbank. We can’t ignore and not respect the interests of these people, who illegal actions of the savings Bank can be misled”, — said the Chairman of the Board oschadbanka Andrew Lush, calling attempts to hide the country of origin of share capital is invalid.

In January 2016 Oschadbank has submitted to Economic court of Kiev the claim in which demanded to recognize the renaming of the “daughter” of Russian Sberbank illegal. The lawsuit claimed that the only legitimate owner of the trademark “Sberbank” in Ukraine in accordance with certificate No. 82116 of 10 September 2007 is Oschadbank. Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank filed a counter claim demanding to declare invalid the certificate of the Bank about isklucheniem the right to the brand of “Sberbank”.

The claim of the Bank the Economic court has not yet considered and a decision on the recognition of issued in 2007 certificate invalid can and does result in the cancellation proceedings.

“If the court’s decision of 10 August 2016 will enter into force, Oschadbank will lose the possibility of judicial protection of their violated rights on the claim of Sberbank of 15 January 2016 and in respect of all such corporate designations, which are legally owned Oschadbank”, — the report says Ukrainian Bank.

Oschadbank was founded in 1991 on the basis of the Ukrainian branch of Sberbank of the USSR