Human rights activists have accused Russia of use of incendiary weapons in Syria

Human Rights Watch believes that Russia used in Syria, incendiary weapons in areas where civilians which is a violation of international law. This is stated in the press service of the organization.

According to human rights watch, incendiary weapons were used at least 18 times in the last nine weeks, including 7 during the August offensive on opposition-held areas of Aleppo and Idlib.

In HWR recalled that on 29 August in Geneva, a meeting of representatives of the signatories to the Convention on conventional weapons. As expected, the participants of the meeting condemn the use of incendiary weapons in Syria, using aircraft, in violation of violates Protocol III to the Convention (Protocol on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of incendiary weapons), says the publication.

The summit should urge Syria to accede to the Protocol and demand that Syria and Russia immediately stop using incendiary weapons in areas where there are civilians, say human rights activists.

“The Syrian government and Russia should immediately stop the attacks on the areas of finding civilians with incendiary weapons”, — said the Director for disarmament, Human Rights Watch Steve goose. “The weapon inflicts horrible wounds and causes excruciating pain, therefore, all countries should condemn its use in areas of civilian population”, — he added.

In their accusations of human rights defenders based on the analysis of photographs and videos taken during the fighting and after. According to witnesses, referenced by HWR, at least 12 civilians were injured as a result of the use of this weapon.

Visual evidence of the use of incendiary weapons include the characteristic marks of combustion, leaving the air these ammunition in their application to aviation. In addition, the use of such weapons indicate a small but serious fires caused by such munitions as well as the markings on the hulls of bombs and sub-munitions.

“There is overwhelming evidence that the Russian aircraft used to deliver incendiary weapons, or at least takes part in Syrian air raids, which used incendiary weapons”, — says the publication.

Previously HRW has repeatedly accused Russia of using cluster bombs during offensive operations in Syria. According to human rights activists, from late may to late July, this weapon was used by Russia 47 times. Also on the use of cluster bombs Syria, said Amnesty International.

At the end of October 2015 HWR has published its report on Russia’s actions in Syria. According to them, the victims of Russian air strikes were civilians, including children.

Russian authorities have always denied these accusations. Representatives of the foreign Ministry of Russia stated that they exclude the use of any prohibited weapons by Russian aviation. The defense Ministry has also repeatedly stated that the objectives of air strikes are only terrorist targets.

Russia launched an air military operation in Syria on 30 September 2015. In mid-March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to begin the withdrawal of the main forces from Syria.

Incendiary weapons — the weapons, the lethality of which is based on the use of military incendiary substances. These include Napalm bombs, incendiary bombs, incendiary magazine, aircraft battery artillery incendiary ammunition, flame throwers, rocket propelled incendiary grenades, fire bombs and other weapons of similar type.