UN experts have called the most innovative country in the world

Russia took the 43rd place in the ranking of the most innovative countries in Global Innovation Index, published on August 16 by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). During the year Russia has risen on five positions, ahead of including Saudi Arabia (49th place), but one line behind Turkey.

The most innovative country in the world, the authors of the rating, as in 2015, recognized in Switzerland. Behind her in the ranking followed by Sweden, UK, USA, Finland and Singapore. From countries of the former USSR above all is Estonia (24th place). From Moldova 46-e a place, Ukraine occupies 56-e a place, Armenia — 60. Belarus (79th place) were at the bottom of the ranking between Iran and Kenya.

The authors of the rating noted a significant progress of China, which has occupied 25-e a place. As indicated in the press release, WIPO, the first time the country with an average income per capita was joined by the highly developed economies among the leaders of the rating.

The Director of the WIPO Francis Gurry noted that between developed and developing countries there are still gaps. According to him, the importance of investing in innovation, which can lead to long-term economic growth.

WIPO notes that since the crisis in 2009, the growth rate of investment in research and development slowed from 7% to 4% per year.

Global Innovation Index was first compiled in 2007 with the support of WIPO, Cornell University and the business school INSEAD and World Business magazine. The data that are the basis for the rating provide by the international telecommunication Union under the auspices of the UN, world Bank and world economic forum.