Avakov suggested Poroshenko to halve the number of generals in the interior Ministry of Ukraine

“We respect our military and honored generals! And the more important the reform of military personnel vertically. Less batch bureaucratic structures and ambitions. More attention to those who perform the task of running a small but highly professional and worthy General,” – commented on the upcoming reform Avakov on his page in the network Facebook.

The Minister explained that prepared on behalf of Poroshenko, the document envisages a reduction in the overall number of generals posts and titles in all paramilitary and law enforcement groups within the scope the management of his Department. As a result of 194 generals in the Ministry of interior should only be 95.

Most of the generals should leave the service edge. Now on the staff of state frontier service of Ukraine, the total number of the personnel which is estimated at about 42 thousand people, including 74 of the General, that is about one General on 567 people. In the case of approval of the President, Avakov generals at the border will be only 14 (one General 3 thousand).

In the National guard after the reform could stay 18 of the 38 generals (one-on-2555), and the emergency Service may lose six of the 27 available now generals (at 73 thousand personnel will remain 21 General, one General for approximately 3.5 thousand people).

Finally, the National police and the interior Ministry on 175 thousand personnel planned to keep 42 General positions from the present 57 (one General on 4166 people).

Speaking about the nature of the impending reforms, Avakov said that the rank should not be “a bargaining chip in parquet and staff vanity fair, it must be earned “valor, honor and hard work”.