Bashneft decided to explore the popularity of its own brand

Bashneft decided to explore the popularity of its own brand

Moscow. August 16. “Bashneft” has refused from bidding for the selection of the organization to analyze the popularity of their brand and relationships with clients, reported on the public procurement portal.

Экономика28 June 2016″Bashneft” will pay 5 million rubles for the recognition of their brandicate read more

Applications for participation in open request for proposals were submitted to the eighth of July inclusive, to determine the winner, the company planned no later than the tenth of August.

According to the report of purchase (the event log), July 18, Bashneft issued a notice of refusal to conduct the procurement with reference to the corresponding decision of 15 July. The minutes of opening of bids of the participants are currently unavailable.

As reported with reference to purchase documentation that a third party had to identify, in particular, the objective situation of “Bashneft” in the industry, to assess the citation in the media and relevant to the company regions of presence (Moscow, Ufa, Sankt-Peterburg, Tyumen, Izhevsk, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Samara, Chelyabinsk), employees of the NCS and industry experts. Special attention was paid to the customer the operation of a brand in the retail business (including analysis of number of gas stations, and criteria for their selection.

The outcome of the Bashneft expected to receive detailed study and recommendations for further promotion of the brand.

The initial (maximum) contract price stood at 5.09 million rubles, including VAT.