CEC will cut advertising elections due to lack of funds

Posters can not afford

From 15 August, the CEC began to inform voters about the upcoming elections. We are talking mainly about broadcasting commercials on state television — under the law they provide CEC to 15 minutes a week of free airtime.

Outdoor advertising with information about the upcoming elections in Moscow and regions this year will not grow, according to Secretary Tsika Maya Grishin which supervises the voter.

This is due to the fact that the budget of the CEC was reduced from 14 billion to RUB 10 billion, so this expenditure it was decided to save. According to Grishina, the Central election Commission in the campaign limited only to the use of free airtime on public channels.

For the preparation and conduct of elections in 2016, the Finance Ministry has pledged 10.4 billion roubles — less, than requested the CEC to assess the cost of the campaign at 14.7 billion.

“Outdoor advertising will be almost exclusively on the terms of social advertising, if we were allowed to place it for free. Money very little” — said Grishin.

According to her, in the last state Duma elections, the CEC distributed by regional election commissions Federal funds for voter education in the framework of “advocacy,” but now to save I had to give it up.

Voter education through the “outdoor advertising” falls on the shoulders of the candidates, who would distribute propaganda material, and for ten days prior to the voting day precinct election Commission will distribute invitations indicating what area it is necessary to come to vote, said the Chairman of one of the municipal TECS (territorial election commissions. —) Moscow region, confirming that funds for voter education is not enough.

Videos and websites

The source in municipal TEAK confirmed that the outdoor advertising, most likely, will not, and said: “inform us just what makes CEC on the TV within the free advertising.” According to him, the previous convocation of the CEC warned that it is impossible to cut the salary of members of territorial and precinct election commissions, which is quite a large proportion of funds. Commission members across the country — nearly a million people.

Plans to reduce the cost of informing voters said at the end of 2015, then Chairman of the CEC Vladimir Churov. He stressed that the new estimate “the main emphasis is on the preservation of wage level and precinct election commissions and territorial election commissions” and to maintain “things” — printing of ballot papers and absentee ballots.

“Everything else is reduced to the maximum. In particular, we propose to abandon the traditional informational videos and posters. That is, everything not directly related to the organization of voting, everything is possible” — quoted Churov TASS.

Voter education before the Duma elections in 2011 cost the CEC 219,8 mln., including streamers, banners and billboards have gone 104,48 million rubles, follows from the report of the CEC for the elections. The whole concept outreach materials in 2011 at a cost of 8 million rubles.

This year, the CEC posted on the public procurement portal application for a contract with a value of 21.2 mln. According to the description of the contract, in addition to developing videos, the CEC ordered the creation of audio clips, the development of promotional web-site — unit on the CEC website on the election that will start on August 22. Also these funds developed the concept of information support of the election campaign and its unified style.

The contract is included in the development of the concept of outdoor advertising, said Grishin. The region can use, and what will produce and distribute printed materials, the regional electoral commissions have to decide for yourself, said the CEC Secretary.

Less interest in the elections

According to a survey by the Levada center, the interest of Russians to the state Duma elections has fallen by a quarter compared to the eve of the 2011 elections. Sociologists have conducted a poll two months before election day and came to the conclusion that only 45% of the talking on the election in his circle, or hear such talk. Two months before the Duma elections in 2011 the figure was 62%.

According to the Deputy Director of the Levada center Alexei Grazhdankin, this is due to the lack of serious political intrigue, and the postponement of elections in September. The campaign is in the midst of the holidays, when voters are less concerned about political issues, he said.

“Money in the country a little, the majority of citizens would support the idea of reducing campaign financing. On the other hand, the less drawn attention to this campaign, the more chances of the ruling party not to lose its position in the days of the elections,” he said. Whether it’s done purposefully with the expectation not to draw attention to the campaign or to save, hard to say, but the result will be that, said Grazhdankin.

However, according to political scientist Alexander Kanev, spending on outer informing voters about elections bring little benefit. “If informing voters about the time and place of voting is required, billboards with an appeal to come on elections is the same campaign that, on the contrary, only creates a risk of intersection with a target audience of one of the parties,” he said. In the previous campaign, has repeatedly hosted the regional election commissions materials is almost completely visually coincide with the campaign materials of the “United Russia”, the expert said.