Kommersant learned the details of the death in the Crimea, the FSB Lieutenant Colonel and paratrooper

The source of “Kommersant” close to the investigation into operation in the Crimea on the prevention of terrorist attacks, which killed an FSB officer and member of the defense Ministry, told about how the clash occurred. In addition, the publication for the first time called the position and names of the victims in this case citizens of Russia.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, on 6 August, the FSB has received the operative information that the next night Eugene Panov and Andrew Sahta who were the alleged accomplices of saboteurs, preparing to greet the arriving from-for borders group. Thus the staff of Department of support of operational activities (OSOM) were divided into three groups, one headed by Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kamenev and the other his Deputy, and the third one of the operatives of the Department.

The newspaper notes that “given the specifics of” all of them went on a mission without body armor, while they were armed only with machine guns and pistols.

Since the exact location of the meeting collaborators and saboteurs was not known, the forces were divided. Colonel Kamenev and two investigators took up a position near the cemetery on the edge of the village. On them about two o’clock and left the group arriving from abroad of armed men.

The interlocutor of the edition told that Kamenev, seeing people shouted: “Stand, the FSB works!” and invited the unknown to put the weapon on the ground. He did this to prevent the open fire. However, after the officer gave himself, one of the commandos opened fire from a machine gun “the voice”. Wounds were deadly, Kamenev died.

Employees OSOM, the source said, eliminated two militants, and three were disarmed and laid on the ground. It is not yet clear, he said, who shot the Colonel. According to “Kommersant”, the Roman stone can be promoted to the rank of Hero of Russia posthumously.