Kudrin responded to accusations Glazyev error in the economic program

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, under whose leadership the Centre for strategic developments (TSSR) is preparing a program of economic development, said the criticism of the presidential adviser Sergey Glazyev has counted, according to the “Газеты.Ru” CSR offers no less than eight errors.

“Sergei Glazyev found 8 errors in the program, which we still only write. “Pasternak did not read, but condemn”, — Kudrin wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Earlier “Газета.Ru” reported that Sergei Glazyev wrote Alexei Kudrin, a letter in which he said that mistakes made by experts of the CSR in the development of the economic program, will not allow them to cope with the task of developing effective programs to bring Russia out of economic crisis. “Dear Alex, if not to get rid of the misconceptions that are quite common among our educated experts who had studied hastily at popular textbooks and blindly trusting the recommendations of the IMF, to develop a growth your band can’t” — quoted by the publication a letter from Glazyev.

In particular, a number of “misconceptions” experts Kudrin eyes attributed the reluctance to use to cover the budget deficit and investment of large-scale monetary emission, excessive pursuit of lower inflation and an unwillingness to acknowledge errors in the “liberation” of the ruble.