The mufti of the North Caucasus had advocated circumcision for all women

The Chairman of the coordination center of North Caucasus Muslims Ismail Berdiyev called for the circumcision of all women. He stated this in an interview with “Interfax”.

“We need all women to trim to debauchery was not on the Earth, to sexuality decreased,” — said the mufti, noting that circumcision is practiced in some villages of Dagestan. He acknowledged that Islam does not prescribe female circumcision, but “to reduce the sexuality of women needs.

“If it were applied to all women, it would be very good. The woman God created in order to give birth to children and brought up them. And this [circumcision] has nothing to do with it,” said Berdyev. He emphasised that circumcision does not prevent a woman from giving birth. “But there would be less corruption”, — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

15 Aug Foundation “Legal initiative in Russia” (SRJI) published a report on the practice of female circumcision in Dagestan. In the world today, according to the UN, about 200 million lives of girls and women have undergone some form of female genital mutilation to female genitals and, at least 3 million annually at risk of this procedure, says the publication.

“Some of them live in our country, in Dagestan, where in infancy they are ugly in nature and purpose, the rite of circumcision” — say human rights activists. In this regard, they conducted a study in which they interviewed women who are circumcised and those who carried it out.

The largest part of the sample occurred in the South-Eastern districts of Dagestan (the Botlikh, Tsumada, Tsuntin, Tlyaratinskiy districts), and Kizilyurt, Kizlyar, Tarumovsky areas (they have more number of migrants from the highlands).

Also in the framework of a study the Foundation conducted an expert survey of employees of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, doctors, lawyers, representatives of NGOs, the Ombudsman for the rights of the child and imams. “The results of the study showed that out of 25 respondents in the region women have been subjected to this operation, and that practice is common locally in separate mountainous areas and the resettlement of lowland villages of Dagestan”, — stated in the report of the SRJI.

The report States that the greatest distribution operation received among the peoples of Eastern Dagestan: among the numerous people — Avars (mostly from Tlyaratinskiy and Tsumadinsky districts, and numbered him among indigenous peoples. Circumcision is very rarely performed in hospital, usually doing it at home people who do not have medical education, adds Fund.

Berdyev has commented the report of human rights activists. “As far as I know, this is to ensure that the women’s zeal to calm the little. Health it absolutely does not interfere,” — he said in an interview, “Says Moscow”.