The Turkish authorities ahead of time will free about 38 thousand prisoners

Turkish authorities released from prison about 38 thousand prisoners under the new reforms, Minister of justice Bekir Bozdag on Twitter.

According to him, the reform suggests that many of the prisoners, currently serving sentences, will be transferred to freedom, received a suspended sentence. Thus released will be under the special supervision of law enforcement agencies, the Minister added.

Reform is not an Amnesty, said Bozdag. Its provisions apply to those convicted of crimes committed before July 1 of the current year. Under the release will not get convicted for murder, manufacture and trafficking in drugs, complicity in the Commission of terrorist acts, sexual offences, disclosure of state secrets, as well as for actions directed against state security and constitutional order of the country.

According to Bozdag, the government goes to such measures to relieve correctional institution in the country for suspected involvement in the coup attempt.

On the night of July 16, in Turkey there was a military coup attempt. Rebels seized several government buildings and editors of TV channels in Istanbul and Ankara. The official authorities soon announced the suppression of the coup.

The mastermind of the revolt, Ankara believes a public figure, a former Imam and preacher Fethullah g├╝len, who since 1999 is in voluntary exile in the United States. He his involvement in the incident, rejects and strongly condemns the attempted military coup.

The Turkish authorities are currently conducting an investigation against citizens who could be involved in the coup. To date in Turkey detained 26 thousand people, 16 thousand formally arrested. More than 81 thousand people are suspended, among them civil servants, military and judges. More than 74 thousand people cancelled passport after the mutiny.