Anniversary without Putin and Medvedev: the authorities will celebrate the 25th anniversary of putsch of 1991.

All have been clear

The 25th anniversary of the August coup will take place without large-scale formal events, first person also will not focus on the memorable date. On 19-22 August, during the confrontation of the emergency Committee and defenders of the White house, with President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is not planned any special measures, said two people close to the Kremlin and confirmed by the Federal official.

“There is no sense in this,” he says. — Attitude to the coup has long been clear, to the flag — even more so. Thus the interlocutor has not excluded that “if the occasion arises, some statements may follow”. These events had not particularly noted, it is unclear why it is needed now, says a source close to the Kremlin.

A little more attention authorities are giving to the Day of Russian flag celebrated on August 22. According to the tradition of the Russians with the event to congratulate the Premier, the leader of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov, said the head of the Central Executive Committee of the party Maxim Rudnev. State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, who heads the party list for the Leningrad region, will take part in the celebrations on the occasion of flag Day in Ivangorod (Leningrad region), reported the press service of the lower house of Parliament.

Flag day celebrated since the signing of the decree about it to Boris Yeltsin in 1994 in different years in the Central squares unwrapped the cloth tricolor. Last year in celebration of flag Day took part and Medvedev: he was in the youth camp “Iturup”, where young people unfurled a huge flag and were photographed together with the Prime Minister.

Events nationwide will not make the party “United Russia”, says a source in the party, the main activity will be concentrated in the regions. “For us this is a very important national holiday. Each region will have a mass event,” — said Rudnev.

Enough TV

According to close to the Kremlin interlocutor to fix a memorable date is enough, if putsch and the Bottom of the flag is reminiscent of the air of the Central channels. The presidential administration gave specific instructions concerning coverage of the events of those years, was assured by another source .

VGTRK and “the First channel” prepare a final story about the anniversary of the coup in the evening news on 19 August and in the final Sunday editions, said the staff of TV channels. Special programs of “Russia 1” has no plans, says a spokesperson of the TV channel Maxim Kranin. Rossiya 24 has launched the project “the emergency Committee. 25 years later”, in which show interviews with participants in the events. On the channel’s website has already published an interview with Rafiq by Niconovum, who headed the Council of nationalities of the USSR, where he talks about the destructive power of Yeltsin. The first Deputy Chairman of the Council of defense of the USSR, member GKCHP Oleg Baklanov says that “it was necessary to isolate 50 people and to explain to the people what we want.”

On one of cable TV network “the First” — “Time” — August 19 will be the transfer of “the Last summer of the Soviet Union” (premiere) and “Independent investigation: ten years of the emergency Committee”, the schedule of the channel. The TVC channel Aug 17, aired the documentary “the Collapse of the Soviet Union”. In addition, no films, devoted to this anniversary, on the TV channel launch will not be reported in the press service of the TVC. The TV channel “Zvezda” on 15 August showed a documentary film “Operation putsch”, follows from the announcement on the website of the TV channel: “Secret CIA documents will reveal the mystery of who was behind the 1991 coup. Together with the participants of the event to journalists of TV channel “Zvezda” was able to unravel the hidden mechanisms that brought the country to the coup, people — to split, and the USSR — to the catastrophe, the echoes of which still continue to shake the whole world”, — stated in the description of the film.

Center for the defenders of the emergency Committee

Procession of memory of defenders of the White house during the coup in 1991, the Moscow mayor’s office has not agreed, said in his Facebook one of the applicants shares Michael Schneider, stressing that the municipality for the first time in 24 years refused to hold the event. The official reason for the ban was the “too many events” and reconstruction of streets, explained Schneider . Traditionally, participants meet at the White house, where an informal meeting of August 20 held a funeral procession and memorial service in memory of Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichev and Vladimir Usovo, who died on the night of 21 August in the tunnel on the Garden ring. With serious resistance from the authorities, the protesters encountered infrequently, for example, in 2010, Boris Nemtsov and Schneider was detained when he carried the tricolor on the New Arbat.

Despite the difficulties with the agreement, the opposition is ready to join the stock. Vice-Chairman PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin said that the party is ready to participate in the promotion of Schneider’s and human rights activist Lev Ponomarev. According to Schneider, the organizers of the rally are in talks with the city and they are “encouraging”. Merzlikin sure that the municipality will agree to hold a rally on Druzhinnikovskaya street.

Activists of the “Yabloko”, headed by party Chairman Emily Kabanovoy 19 August at 13:00-laying flowers at the place of death of Komar, Krichevsky and Usov, told the press-Secretary of the founder of the party Grigory Yavlinsky. The unregistered Party of progress Alexei Navalny is not planning to participate in events, has informed a press-the Secretary of the Fund of struggle against corruption Kira Armys.

Defenders of the emergency Committee of problems with the coordination of the Central areas experienced. The liberal democratic party will be held in all regional offices of the event dedicated to the anniversary of the putsch, said a member of the Supreme Council Mikhail Degtyarev. He recalled that LDPSS fully supported the putsch of 19 August 1991. In Moscow August 19, will be the timeline review at the Manege square in front of the hotel “Moscow”. “The chronicle is seen as an angry crowd of Yeltsin supporters chanting: “Zhirinovsky on trial!” and Vladimir Zhirinovsky from the seventh floor, waving them and calls for support of the emergency Committee and the Constitution of the USSR. After that, there will be a press conference in a hotel room,” — said Degtyarev. And on August 22, according to him, on Pushkin square held a rally dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the emergency Committee.

The Communist party held on Thursday a press-conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the emergency Committee. In addition, the Communists intend to publish in their Newspapers (“Truth”, etc.) materials, however, mass events are planned, said the first Secretary of the Moscow party Committee, Valery Rashkin. The Communists believe the events of those days “crimes without a Statute of limitations.” “Authoritative you declare, the revolution made [Mikhail] Gorbachev and [Boris] Yeltsin, [Aleksandr] Yakovlev and [Eduard] Shevardnadze, who forcibly seized power and ignored all conceivable solutions, primarily the Constitution of the USSR”, — said Zyuganov at a press conference (quoted by “Interfax”).

A rally in support of the emergency Committee will conduct and “Communists of Russia Maxim Suraykin: they agreed on a share of 1 thousand people on Suvorov square, opposite the Theatre of the Russian army. “I myself have 15 years were on the barricades of the House of Soviets, and that there was not a single year when we haven’t thought about that members of the emergency Committee failed to prevent the collapse of our Motherland — the Soviet Union”, — said suraykin.

Nobody remembers

Only half of Russians (50%) remember what happened 19-22 August 1991, from the data of the survey by the Levada center from 5-8 August. A third of respondents say that they were too young to remember the event, 50% find it difficult to assess their value (in 2000 only 28% could not assess the significance of the events), 72% of respondents are unable to answer the question, who was right in those days, or did not have time to understand the situation. Attention to the stock of memory of the events of 1991 reduced, says the politician Leonid Gozman. A decline in interest to such date always happens, because with any revolution there are high hopes, he says.

The displacement of the memory of the events of 1991 — it is also a conscious state policy, sure Gozman. Only a third of those surveyed by the Levada center, called the coup “a tragic event” a little more — “another episode in the struggle for power,” “victory of democracy” August events are called only 8% of respondents.

In the 1990s the August events celebrated solemnly, the authorities knew that then was the beginning of the new Russian state, said political analyst Valery Khomyakov. “But with the advent of the new government in the face of Putin and the security forces to these events were treated as ordinary. In my opinion, this is due to the desire of law enforcers to edit out of the history of shameful for them page when they lost and people took to the streets to protest against their actions, and organized what is now called the “Maidan,” he says.

Bike ride and gathering

Action in memory of the August 1991 events held annually not only in the capital but in the regions. August 19 at the Mariinsky Palace will be held the people’s Assembly, according to the website of the St. Petersburg branch of Yabloko. Mariinsky theatre, as in previous years, will come the resisters of the emergency Committee and civil society activists. In Yekaterinburg, the local branch of the “Yabloko” and human rights movement “memorial” agreed to hold a March on August 21, reports “Echo of Ekaterinburg with reference to the management of the local branch of the “Memorial”. Solemn event dedicated to state flag Day of Russia, will hold power in many regions. In particular, in the Republic of Sakha — Yakutia will host a bike ride and a concert, reports a local portal “YSIA.<url>. Celebrations on this day are also planned in Arkhangelsk oblast, Tula oblast and the Crimea, told the regional leaders.

In Moscow, the Avenue of the World will be a cavalry parade. In Park “Muzeon” on 20 August will be held the festival “Island-91”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the coup. The festival was organized by the publication the Yeltsin centre and educational project “Your story” with the support of the Fund Zimin Foundation.