ASV was allowed to sell the assets of Sergey Pugachev in the UK

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing familiar with the situation sources, the DIA has received the right to begin the sale of the first assets of Sergey Pugachev in the UK. We are talking about a XVIIth-century mansion in London and a manor in Herefordshire. As for the mansion, the publication indicates that the DIA has managed to achieve the decision of the London court of this house, although the legal owner of the building is a new Zealand company that performs functions of the Trustee of the trust.

DIA pointed out that the order for the sale of the mansion where once lived the family of Forbes, was able to including the fact that the building was not maintained in proper condition after the Pugachev went from UK to France.

The condition of sale, the court described the direction of the proceeds from the sale of the mansion to the satisfaction of the debt of Mr. Pugachev Mezhprombank before in the case of an English court in an action for Declaration of the owner of the trust assets. Pending such decision, the proceeds from the sale of the object will be stored in the client account of the company Hogan Lovells, English lawyers of the Agency.

At the end of July it became known that the assets of Pugachev was arrested in Switzerland. The decision was taken after receiving from the Russian side request for legal assistance in case of fugitive banker.

Sergei Pugachev is the founder of Mezhprombank, from 2001 to 2011 he was a member of the Council of Federation from Tuva. In October 2010, the Central Bank revoked Mezhprombank’s license, and in January 2011 at the request of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) which became the bankruptcy Trustee of Mezhprombank, the state Investigative Committee (TFR) in Moscow the beginning of the investigation into deliberate bankruptcy of the Bank. Soon Pugachev was deprived of the mandate of a Senator “for negligent performance of duties and moved from Russia to the UK.

In Russia, the ex-banker in absentia was charged with embezzlement and misappropriation of clients ‘ funds of Mezhprombank and abuse of authority in issuing non-performing loans.

In the beginning of 2015, Russia has sent Britain a request for the extradition of ex-banker. London’s high court banned the ex-Senator to leave the jurisdiction and was obliged to surrender all passports. Despite this, in June of the same year, Pugachev moved to France, saying about the threats in his address. For this and other violations, including the sale of assets, a London court in February acknowledged Pugacheva guilty of contempt of court and sentenced to two years in prison. Ex-banker declared intention to challenge the decision in the ECHR.

In may, the DIA reported that the yacht and French villas Pugacheva imposed interim measures. ASV sought the arrest of Pugachev’s assets through its subsidiary responsibility for the obligations of Mezhprombanka in the amount of 75.6 billion rubles.

Russian Forbes four times included Sergei Pugachev in the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia — in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. The last time Pugachev ranked Forbes 78th place, then his fortune the magazine estimated at $0.5 billion.