Romania denied reports about the deployment of US nuclear weapons from Turkey

Romanian foreign Ministry denies reports that the United States began nuclear weapons from a Turkish military base of Incirlik in Romania, according to the response agencies at the request of the Agency Agerpress.

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs strongly rejects this information,” — said the Romanian office.

That the United States began to deploy nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania on the background of deteriorating relations between Washington and Ankara, reported earlier, citing two independent anonymous source, the Brussels-based online publication that specializiruetsya on the coverage of the EU.

According to one of interlocutors of the edition, the transfer of weapons presents a huge challenge technically and politically.

The second source said that relations between the US and Turkey has become so aggravated after the coup attempt in Turkey, which is now Washington no longer trusts Ankara storage of their weapons. According to him, are transfer on the Deveselu air base in Romania.

In the latest report of non-profit organizations Stimson Center dedicated to international issues, stated that the Incirlik air base in Turkey there are about 50 of us nuclear bombs B61. During the military coup in Turkey the government has banned U.S. aircraft to fly and land at the Incirlik base, and base commander accused of involvement in the coup attempt.

In the same report it was said that it remains unknown whether the United States to maintain control over its nuclear weapons in case of continuation of the internal conflict in Turkey.

EurActiv has requested an official comment from the U.S. state Department and the foreign ministries of Turkey and Bulgaria. The Turkish foreign Ministry was unable to provide a prompt review. The state Department redirected the journalists in the Pentagon, which did not give a response at the time of publication of the material.

NATO sent to the publication review with a streamlined formulations in which the representative of the Alliance recalled on p. 53 of the communiqué of the Warsaw summit of NATO (published 9 July 2016). It says that US nuclear weapons placed in Europe, given the opportunities and infrastructure provided by allies, and they need effectively to ensure its complete safety.

The Romanian foreign Ministry has categorically denied the information that the country has hosted American nuclear weapons. “In response to your request of the Romanian foreign Ministry categorically denies information to which you refer,” — said the representative office.

Romania was an ally of the Soviet Union in the cold war, but this country in that period never housed nuclear weapons, reminds According to the publication, the location of the tactical weapons near the Russian borders could enrage Moscow and lead to the escalation of the conflict just as it happened in 1962 after the placement of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Reports about the placement of U.S. nuclear weapons were never officially confirmed, is reminiscent of EurActiv. However, it was common knowledge that in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy were deployed such weapons, the newspaper notes.

An agreement between Russia and NATO, signed in Paris on 27 may 1997, prohibits placing nuclear weapons in new countries of the Alliance. Romania joined in 2004.