Tambov life: what is known and what got the “night watchman” of St. Petersburg

On Thursday, the city court of St.-Petersburg has sentenced to 23 years imprisonment authoritative businessman Vladimir Barsukova. He was found guilty in the assassination of his business partner Sergei Vasiliev.

This sentence was the third for the former “night Governor” of St. Petersburg and the alleged leader of the Tambov criminal group. Prior to this Kuybyshevskiy court of Northern capital recognised Barsukov guilty to two raider seizures of property and extortion of money from businessmen.

A dangerous prisoner

The trial, like all the courts before, took place in Moscow in order to ensure the safety of participants in the proceedings. From the moment of detention in 2007, the badgers contained in a special block of SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina” (detention center 99/1).

The first jury, which heard the case in 2015, issued a verdict of acquittal on the basis of which was rendered an acquittal.

But he was reversed by the Supreme court, and the case remitted for reconsideration. The second jury recognized Barsukov and his three alleged accomplices guilty. The main evidence in the case were the testimony of the accused Karpusheva Alexander, who pleaded guilty and claimed that it was badgers and his right-hand man — accused Vyacheslav Drokov instructed him to organize the assassination of the owner JSC “Petersburg oil terminal” Sergei Vasiliev, whose business, according to the investigation, Barsukov wanted to capture.

According to the verdict, the organizers of the assassination bought fake documents of the car rented housing in the city, got the weapon and planned the crime. Day 5 may, according to the case materials, the killers blocked the road to a train Vasilyeva and shot his car with machine guns.

Despite the fact that the car was armored, the businessman was wounded, but he managed to get out of the line of fire and leave. During the attack killed his bodyguard Roman Ugarov, three more were wounded.

He badgers guilt in the crime is not recognized. And his lawyers during the first hearing in 2015 has provided the court with recordings of wiretaps of conversations of Vasiliev, in which the employer allegedly said that he paid $0.5 million for testifying against Coumarin.

Order Starovoitova

A. lawyers do not exclude that in the near future Barsukov can be charged with — the murder of state Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova. She was shot in the evening of 20 November 1998 in the stairwell of his home in St. Petersburg.

In the organization of this crime confessed former Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Michael Glushchenko, who, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, also included in the Tambovskaya criminal group under the name of Mike Crest.

Glushchenko admitted that he just couldn’t say no to Barsukov. It was a request of “higher authority”, he just couldn’t refuse if he said no, you would put “his life and the life of his family in great peril,” quoted explanation Glushchenko Agency “Rosbalt”.

But until formal charges are not filed Barsukov.

He badgers denied any involvement in the murder of Starovoitova, in this release do not believe the victims — the sister of the deceased Olga Starovoitova and her aide, Ruslan Linkov, who was injured during an assassination attempt. According to them, the investigators need to study the version about possible participation in this crime, the liberal democratic party and the city authorities, against which were directed the work of the school.

Now Barsukov charged with 11 episodes of raider seizures of property in St. Petersburg and the murder of the owner of the club “Hollywood nights” George Pozdnyakov.

Spanish trail

In the fall of 2015 last name Barsukov was also in a controversial investigation materials of the Spanish Prosecutor’s office — in the “Russian mafia”. In the indictment, which was published on the website “Open Russia”, the badger was mentioned as one of leaders “Tambovtsev”, who after his arrest led, according to Spanish prosecutors, the businessman Gennady Petrov.

It is Petrov, from the data of the Spanish prosecutors, and could contribute to arrest and criminal matters Barsukova. In the case of the Russian mafia” the prosecutors are referring to the wiretapping of telephone conversations Petrov and his assistants with senior Russian officials.

“There are phone conversations between g-DAMI Petrov and Glushchenko, where Glushchenko announces its intention to come to Moscow to meet with friends Petrov and arrange the testimony against Coumarin, in addition, he plans to meet with Mr. Nikolai Nikolaevich by Aulavik (senior Federal drug control service. — ) to talk to him about one influential person who is able to perform this action. A month later Kumarin was arrested,” — said in the indictment.

Tambov OPG from the heyday before sunset

For the first time Tambov criminal group declared itself in the late 80-ies of the last century. On 17 December 1988 in Saint-Petersburg there was a clash between the gang of Alexander Malyshev (he was subsequently arrested in Spain along with Petrov and the people of Coumarin, said Eugene Vyshenkov, a former captain of the special Department of criminal investigation Department and the Deputy Director of Agency of journalistic investigations (AZHUR).

“Then I heard the words “Tambov”, as most of the leaders among those who stood in front Malysheva, was from Tambov,” says Vasenkov. Later this name became a brand, and the group is one of the most influential in St. Petersburg.

The heyday of the group began after 1994. “In one day killed several “Tambov”, and the Coumarin was an assassination attempt, he got hit with 11 bullets, he lost an arm, but survived. But in the next year died, 12 of those who organized the assassination,” says Vasenkov.

OPG began to increase the capital under its control switched fuel companies and large enterprises, says Vasenkov.

By the late 1990s, he badgers has become a major entrepreneur, in 2000-ies began to communicate important urban policy, but to speak about his involvement with the Tambovskaya criminal group was bad manners, says a spokesman.

But in 2005-2006, the city began to raider seizures of property, says Vasenkov. “At first sight it is unclear why he had to do a night robbery. But thus he emphasized that the power in the city is exactly it,” explains Vyshenkov.

But this situation could provoke the reaction of Moscow and the arrest of Barsukov, said Vasenkov.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the criminal case against Barsukova was initiated after a complaint on his actions turned the mistress of restaurant “the Petersburg corner” Natalia Shpakova — a friend of Valentina Matvienko, who at the time was the Governor of St. Petersburg.

“I heard that badgers passed a certain face, he too boasted of his power, the mere fact that he called himself “the night Governor,” says a lot,” — said the Deputy Director of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.