“The night Governor” Petersburg was sentenced to 23 years in prison

The St. Petersburg city court held a session in Moscow on Thursday announced the conviction of authoritative businessman Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin). He was found guilty of attempted murder of co-owner JSC “Petersburg oil terminal” Sergey Vasileva and murder of its security guard.

The harsh sentence did not become for anybody a surprise — in may, the jury found Barsukov guilty. But the discussion of the consequences of the verdict and the sentence itself took place only three months later, the reason was the illness of one of defendants. The Prosecutor asked to sentence Barsukova to 25 years in prison.

The court appointed Barsukov 23 years of colony with the two other sentences businessman. In 2009 and 2012 badgers were convicted of two forcible takeover of ownership in the “Northern capital” and the extortion of businessmen. In these cases he had previously been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Showdown on the road

The verdict of the court he met the badgers in peace. A year ago, the jury of the Saint Petersburg court considered his guilt unproved, as well as wine Vyacheslav Drokova and Merkulova Alexandra, and rendered a verdict of acquittal. Then the decisive role played audio that is presented to the court the lawyers of Barsukova — they supposedly Vasilyev said that have paid half a million dollars for testimony against Coumarin. These records were not officially recognized evidence and not even shown to the jury, but caused a great public resonance.

Later acquittal, which was rendered on the basis of the jury verdict, overturned the Supreme court, which sent the case for review. The new process ended obvinenitelnyh vymeslob sentence.

According to the investigation, Barsukov organized attempt at Vasilyev. Presumably, the defendant wanted to seize oil terminal. According to the materials of the case, 5 may 2006, the killers blocked the road to a train Vasiliev car “Zhiguli” at the crossroads Levashovsky Prospekt and Ordinary street in St. Petersburg and shot his car with machine guns.

Vasilyev managed to escape in his armored car, Rolls-Royce of the line of fire and leave. But during the attack killed his bodyguard Roman Ugarov, three more were wounded. The direct perpetrators of the assassination of brothers Andrey and Oleg Mikhalevy found guilty by the court and are already serving a life sentence for this crime.

“Night Governor”

All things considered Barsukova courts of Saint-Petersburg at exit meetings in Moscow in the building of the Moscow city court. As explained by the state prosecutors before the first process in 2009, these measures are necessary to ensure the safety of all participants in the process. Lawyers, in turn, explain that the authorities are still afraid of do not dare to Barsukov was transferred to St. Petersburg, because they are afraid that the former “night Governor” still has a big influence.

Barsukov was arrested in August 2007 — the operation to capture him was trained in Moscow and was kept secret. Armed special forces soldiers detained Barsukova at his dacha near St. Petersburg, after that he was immediately transferred to Moscow. This time it is contained in a special block of SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina” (detention center 99/1).

The consequence considers Barsukova leader of the Tambovskaya criminal group. In addition to the three cases which have been sentenced, the investigators are still 11 episodes of raider seizures of property and the murder of a co-owner of the club “Hollywood nights” George Pozdnyakov.

Also, investigators can charge him with the murder of state Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova. A year ago, in August 2015, the St. Petersburg city court sentenced to 17 years alleged organizer of the murder of the former Deputy from LDPR Michael Glushchenko. He made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty and testified that a high-profile murder he ordered it badgers.
However, the murder of Starovoitova denies badgers in this release do not believe the victims — the sister of the deceased Olga Starovoitova and her aide, Ruslan Linkov, who was injured during an assassination attempt. According to them, the investigators need to study the version about possible participation in this crime, the liberal democratic party and the city authorities.

Spanish trail

In the fall of 2015 last name Barsukov was also in a controversial investigation materials by the Spanish Prosecutor, “the Russian mafia”. In the indictment, which was published on the website “Open Russia”, the badger was mentioned as one of the leaders], who after his arrest led, according to Spanish prosecutors, the businessman Gennady Petrov.

It is Petrov, from the data of the Spanish prosecutors, and could contribute to arrest and criminal matters Barsukova. In the case of “Russian mafia” the prosecutors are referring to the wiretapping of telephone conversations Petrov. “There are telephone calls between Messrs Petrov and Glushchenko, where Glushchenko announces its intention to come to Moscow to meet with friends Petrov and arrange the testimony against Coumarin, in addition, he plans to meet with Mr. Nikolai Nikolaevich by Aulavik (senior Federal drug control service — approx.) to talk to him about one influential person who is able to perform this action. A month later Kumarin was arrested,” — said in the indictment.

Akulova in addition to the wiretaps in connection with other grounds mentioned and other senior officials, including the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. Some talks were held, according to Spanish prosecutors, was conducted by kulovym.

Peter himself was arrested in Spain in operation Troika in 2008. Two years later, he was at first released on bail, and in 2012 went to Russia for treatment and never came back. He now lives in St. Petersburg.