Volunteers reported the death of two Russian officers in Syria

New graves

On Thursday, a group of independent investigators armed conflict Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) issued a progress report, dedicated to those who died in Syria military. According to the report, during the year, the cemetery in Solnechnogorsk was buried two officer units of the special operations Forces of the armed forces: captain Oleg and Maxim Arhireev Sorochenko. In the same city is a military unit 92154 center “Senezh” special operations Forces (MTR) of the armed forces of Russia.

Relatives and colleagues of the victims told CIT that both officers were killed during the Russian campaign in Syria. The defense Ministry officially announced about the death of these soldiers.

Previously officially reported the death of 20 soldiers. About the latest victims was launched on 1 August after the province of Idlib was shot down by Russian Mi-8 helicopter. Killed three crew members and two officers.

Later, on 12 August, the head of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Yuri Kokov in his Instagram said that in Syria killed Asker Bizhoev. According to Kokov, the soldier was posthumously awarded the order of courage. The defence Ministry statement did not comment.

Another former soldier, veteran of Internal troops of the interior Ministry, Serhiy Chupov, according to colleagues also died in Syria, but the defense Ministry did not confirm his death during the Syrian campaign.

Conflict intelligence team (CIT) is a Russian group of volunteers-researchers, are investigating the activities of Russian troops in the East of Ukraine and in Syria. In their reports, CIT is based on open sources: videos and photos posted in social networks, satellite imagery. The band exist on their own funds, private donations and foreign grants. Source of funding the group did not specify.

CIT has already reported the deaths of several officers in Syria, later this information was confirmed by the defense Ministry.

Their lives

CIT reports that the captain of the MTR Oleg Arhireev died 9 June 2016. In the report there are pictures of his grave. According to the interlocutor CIT, close to the command of divisions of Armed forces of Russia, Arhireev was sent to Syria, where he served as a machine gunner. During the operation Arhireev found the bomb. The officer closed the source of the explosion, and saved the other soldiers of the detachment. As a result of rupture of the bomb, captain MTR lost both legs and an arm, and died of his wounds two days later.

As the researchers note, friends of the deceased soldier in social networks confirm that Arhireev hit a mine during operations in Syria.

According to the CIT, which refers to the comments of relatives Arkhireeva, officer of the MTR in 2010, he graduated with honors from the Ryazan higher airborne Airborne school. Arkhireeva colleagues in the College after the death of officer announced the collection of donations for the widow of the deceased on your own pages in social networks.

What Arhireev he served in the special operations Forces confirms the wreath from the military side 01355 who put colleagues. On-site this part is based 346 brigade of the GRU, who became the second centre of the MTR in the heart of the village Kubinka-2.

According to the commander of grouping of Russia Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikova, the soldiers of the SSO actively participated in ground operations in Syria. “In Syria there are divisions of our special operations forces. They perform the further exploration of for Russian air strikes, engaged in bringing aircraft on targets in remote areas, solve other specific tasks,” — said Wipers in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in March 2016. Later it became known about death of one of the officers of the unit Alexander Prokhorenko when performing combat tasks.

The circumstances are unknown

Captain Maxim Sorochenko died 19 November 2016, the report said, citing a photo of another grave. The circumstances of the death of an officer of the armed forces is unknown. Affiliation Sorochenko to the MTR confirms the presence of the Chevron units on the tombstone of captain. Officially of the death of this soldier is also not reported.

On the same day killed another officer — captain Fedor Zhuravlev. According to Reuters, Zhuravlev lived in the suburban town of Solnechnogorsk, where is the center of a special purpose “Senezh”, included in the MTR.

In March 2016, President Vladimir Putin at a gala reception in the Kremlin expressed its condolences to the widows of dead Russian soldiers, including Yulia Zhuravleva.

In April the widow of the Russian officers killed in Syria, was awarded saglanamamas air and space forces, major General Andrey Kazakevich of a. After the final of the international tournament on judo among police and army Yulia Zhuravleva, Ekaterina Lapshina (widow of Alexander Prokhorenko) and lolita Sorochenko (widow of Maxim Sorochenko) handed the keys to the car.

made a formal request to the Ministry of defence. On past inquiries in connection with the CIT reports to the war Department did not answer.

Special operations forces

The formation of units of the special operations Forces of the Russian armed forces began in 2009 in the reform of former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. First, the unit wore received the status of special operations and directly subordinate to the General staff of the Russian armed forces. In early 2012, management was deployed to command the orders of former chief of General staff Nikolai Makarov.

In March 2013, his successor Valery Gerasimov officially announced the creation of the special operations Forces. Then in Moscow began the creation of the center Kubinka-2″. “We created the special operations Forces and prepare them for use not only in the country but also abroad,” — said later the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to “Russian newspaper”, the MTR all military personnel are given service under the contract, almost all the officers ‘ positions. The current acting Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin in 2014 was led by special operations Forces as the Deputy chief of the GRU. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Dyumin supervised the evacuation of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014. He Dyumin called this information a myth.