Minister of education resigns

The Minister of education Dmitry Livanov is retiring a month before the election, said a source in the government confirmed a source in the Ministry of education. An official statement should follow in the coming days, added the source .

Press-Secretary Anna Usacheva Livanov declined to comment. A spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova has not commented on the possibility of resignation of Livanov.

Dmitry Livanov has been in office since 2012, before that he was rector of the University MISIS. In his post he has been repeatedly criticized for education reform, the exam, the reduction of schools. When it passed the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In early 2016, he was expelled from the Supreme Council of “United Russia”.

Livanov is the most unpopular Minister of the Russian government. According to the poll, his work is estimated at two points the majority of Russian respondents.