The communications Ministry has drafted a law on the regulation of Runet

The draft amendments to the law “On communication”, which regulate the activity of the Russian segment of the Internet, discussed at the meeting with the Deputy Minister of communications Alexei Sokolov, “Vedomosti” reports, citing its sources. The law is intended to ensure “the integrity, continuity, stability, sustainability and security of functioning of the Russian national segment of the Internet.

The discussions were also attended by Advisor to the Russian President Herman Klimenko and the managers of state-owned Rostelecom, told the publication.

The project, which was developed by the Ministry of communications, provides for the introduction into the law “On communications” of a separate article on regulation of the Russian segment of the Network. The amendments introduce the concept of the so-called critical Internet infrastructure, elements of which include the national domain zone, the infrastructure for its service, the system of traffic exchange points and the so-called state information system ensuring the integrity, stability and security of functioning of the Russian part of the Internet.

Under the project, the owners of traffic exchange points has to be only Russian legal entity. One of the sources told the publication that the regulator has no objection to their co-owners could be foreigners. However, neither should not hold the package more than 20%, as it has done with media owners. In addition, these points are planned to license, added the newspaper.

The administrator of national domain zone the upper level can only be a Russian legal entity, established by the Federal Executive authority in the field of communications, the newspaper notes, that is, by the Ministry of communications.

Earlier on Thursday, August 18, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the authorities decided to redistribute the Coordinating centre (CC) and the Technical center of Internet (TCI) (75% owned by KC), which provide trouble-free work of domain addressing of the Russian segment of the Internet. Management domenami I. of the Russian Federation can pass under the control of state agencies, said the interlocutors of the newspaper, and the KTS will only have Executive functions.

The change in the legal structure of KTS is not discussed because the re-delegation of his powers is fraught with problems with the American Corporation ICANN, which is the administrator of domain names to global Internet.
In addition, the interlocutor of the edition said about the possible replacement of the current Director of KC Andrei Vorobyov partner of lawyer Bureau “Egorov, Afanasiev, Puginsky and partners” Stanislav Puginsky.

On 24 June, the security Council of the Russian Federation published a draft of a new doctrine of information security of the country. As one of the major negative factors which may affect the security of the country, named the buildup of foreign countries possibilities to influence the critical information infrastructure of the country. The document notes that foreign intelligence services “information-psychological” affect other States “to destabilize the political and social situation in various regions of the world.”