The FAS found large-scale cartel in the market of drugs

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) began investigating the activities of a potential cartel, whose members, according to the Agency, and helped each other to keep the prices of medicines and medical equipment supplied to the state and municipal medical institutions almost all over the territory of Russia, says the FAS.

Signs of anticompetitive agreements identified FAS in conducting more than 700 auctions. FAS suspected of involvement in the cartel companies such as OOO Rosmedproekt”, OOO “Etalon-trading”, LLC “Market farm”, etc., it is noted in the message Department. The decrease in the initial maximum contract price for the supply of medicines and medical products to clinics and hospitals with the participation of these companies at purchase were absent or minimal: between 0.5% and 2%), reported the FAS.

Despite the presence of obvious signs of collusion, allegations of violation of the legislation of the health facilities in these cases are not reported, according to the head of Department for combating cartels FAS Andrey Tenishev. “No other industry today is not susceptible to such mass effect of anti-competitive practices,” he added.

Deputy head of Antimonopoly Department Andrey tsarikovskiy, in turn, called the detection and elimination of cartels acting in such a socially important sector like health care, a priority of the FAS. According to the Deputy Chairman of the FAS, such collusion resulted in higher prices for medicines and medical services that are directly detrimental to the budget and individual citizens.

The FAS initiated a case under paragraph 2 part 1 article 11 of the Law “On protection of competition” prohibit agreements between economic entities-competitors, which can lead to increasing, reducing or maintaining prices at auction. Some of the companies in respect of which a criminal case has previously been found guilty of a violation of competition law, said the FAS. In particular, “Rosmedproekt” has been fined more than 12.9 million RUB, Etalon-trading” more than 4.4 million rubles, and the penalties to the other two cartel members will be appointed in the near future.

In early August of 2016, the FAS announced the opening of the mass in Russia the cartel, uniting bidders for the supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and customs bodies.