The state started to take control of domain management .EN .Russia

The authorities decided to redistribute the Coordinating centre (CC) and the Technical center of Internet (TCI) (75% owned by KC), which provide trouble-free work of domain addressing of the Russian segment of the Internet, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source familiar with the relevant plans. This issue was discussed in July at the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the FSB, the Federal tax service of Roskomnadzor. While another source indicated that no meeting actually was not, because its members have put before the fact.

The essence of the project lies in the fact that KC will be nationalized, and through it the financial flows will go to the government agencies. Presidential aide Igor Shchegolev at the same in favour of the powers of KC received the “Rostelecom”, Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexei Sokolov is lobbying for the option with the research Institute “Voskhod”. Other candidates are called “giprosvjaz” and research Institute of radio.

The change in the legal structure of KTS is not discussed because the re-delegation of his powers is fraught with problems with the American Corporation ICANN, which is the administrator of domain names to global Internet.

In addition, the interlocutor of the edition said about the possible replacement of the current Director of KC Andrei Vorobyov partner of lawyer Bureau “Egorov, Afanasiev, Puginsky and partners” Stanislav Puginsky.

The publication indicates that in the year of the Internet development Fund and CC receive 130 million rubles royalties. The TCI receives 420 million RUB from registrars for registration or renewal of domains.

The expert of the PIR Center Oleg Demidov told the newspaper that he does not understand the persistent desire to take control of the state KTS. According to him, serious incidents related to the violation of the access resources in domains .EN .Of the Russian Federation, in the entire history of the existence of these country-specific domains were recorded. Demidov pointed out that in different countries the government sets for private operators the system is sometimes very tough requirements, but does not take control of them.