The defense Ministry announced the creation of a new missile

In Russia the work on creation of long-range missiles interception, said “Russian news service” (included in the Life project), the Deputy commander of the Russian space forces Lieutenant-General Victor gumenny. According to him, the interceptor missile may in the near future to enter service with the Russian troops aerospace defense (ASD).

“We’ve been working on the creation of long-range missiles interception. This will allow any set by the Supreme commander and Minister of defense task forces and missile defense to perform in a timely manner,” — said humenny.

Earlier, in late June, Russia successfully tested missiles short-range missile defense system at the test site in Kazakhstan. The defense Ministry noted that the structure and combat characteristics of the Russian system PRO allow you to fend off the threat of the possible use of a nuclear missile strike, including “open” as its focus.

Three days before these tests, Russian President Vladimir Putin in conversation with the heads of news agencies, said Moscow will have to respond to the development of US missile defense in Europe.

At the end of July this year, the defense Ministry also promised to respond to the modernization of the Navy the U.S. missile defense system. Department head of the 4th Central research Institute of the Ministry of defense Oleg Lush reported that the defense Ministry predict that by 2020 the US will be able to upgrade 48-49 ships so that they were equipped with a missile defense system. Lush argued that such restructuring is a threat to the Russian naval component for the strategic missile forces, Moscow will take adequate technical measures.