The Pentagon said air strikes of the Syrian authorities near the location of US troops

The U.S.-led coalition in Syria sent planes to the area of the city of El-Hasaka in order to protect American ground troops from attacks by the Syrian fighters, said the official representative of the Pentagon Jeff Davis.

According to him, the incident was not an interception and coalition aircraft reached the area near the city of al-Hasaka at that time, when the Syrian su-24 it left. In the area of government air strikes were the US army, said Davis. While Syrian aircraft have not responded to attempts to contact them.

Davis called the incident “unusual.” He noted that he was unaware of cases when the coalition aircraft was forced to respond to aerial bombing by the Syrian government.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the channels associated with the security, was contacted with the Russian side, which assured that the attacks were committed not by its fighters. Moscow asked to convey to the Syrian government that the United States air force is to protect ground troops in the event of threats, said a Pentagon spokesman.

August 18, Reuters with reference to the representative of the Kurdish people’s protection units (YPG) and observers of the Syrian monitoring center for human rights reported that Syrian government aircraft bombed positions of the Kurdish militia in al-Hasaka. The Agency noted that this was the first such incident in five years of civil war in Syria.

On Friday, Reuters reports, the Syrian government continued shelling and air strikes, forcing thousands of civilians to flee to Kurdish areas of the city.