Trump was the most economical candidate in the last eight years

Candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump in June-July 2016 has spent on his campaign considerably less money than the other participants of presidential elections in 2008, reports CNBC.

According to the official statements of the candidates, billionaire trump is spent in June, $7.8 million, and in July the costs of its staff had increased to $18.5 million.

The costs of his opponent he Democrats Hillary Clinton in July was $38.2 million, and in June they exceeded $30 million.

More than any other for these two months during the last presidential campaigns spent incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012 in the election for a second term ($58.1 million in June and $58.9 million in July).

During the struggle for the presidency in 2008, the expenses the Obama campaign in July also exceeded $50 million, and in June 2008 for his promotion spent more than $25 million.

Approximately the same figures were Republican opponents of Obama in 2008 and 2012. Senator John McCain, and MITT Romney in their campaigns in June and July, has spent about $30 million.