Partner Rotenberg will create a single registry of medicines

The head of the Board of Directors of SMP Bank, Artem Obolensky, the company created a “Platform”, which was the founder of a National pharmaceutical register (NFR) and intended to track the turnover of all drugs in Russia, said Forbes, citing a source close to SMP Bank.

This was confirmed by the CEO of PR Nikolay Doxin. According to him, the national pharmaceutical registry will combine information from existing but disparate databases, including the State register of medicinal products, registry of the Federal Institute of industrial property, the register of Roszdravnadzor and so on. The access to the new system will be paid, but the users will be able to reduce their costs, said Duxin.

The Ministry of health and Roszdravnadzor reviews did not provide, writes Forbes.

A representative of Rotenberg said that the project is not related to the brothers.

Artem Obolensky Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMP Bank, whose main shareholders are brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg (occupy the 75-th and 76-th place in the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes, the assessment of the status of each — $1 billion). Forbes writes that Obolensky is a shareholder of number of brothers Rotenberg companies. In particular, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, in National gas group, Arkady Rotenberg 51 per cent Obolensky — 49%.

The NPR project is not related to the brothers Rotenberg, said their spokesman.

Experts interviewed by Forbes, called the creation of a unified register of medicines is beneficial and useful for all participants of the pharmaceutical market. According to Executive Director of Pharmaceutical partnerships” Garik Tadevosyan, the use of such a registry should be mandatory, but access to data should be free.

“If necessary, the state should in some measure compensate for these costs, because a single reference, the registry will lead to the optimization of business processes, cost reduction and income growth, and so increase tax revenue,” — said Tadevosyan.

In the potential benefits of a single open and free registry of patents of approved drugs and drugs in clinical studies confident and founder of investing in us pharmaceutical companies Fund Capital Atem Anton Gopka.

“The question is, in whose interests and who will pay for it. If these developments are to be paid by the state, it is important to show a significant gain for the budget in the foreseeable horizon, for example, from stock control and warehouse, etc.,” says Gapka.

According to the head of the Federal service for intellectual property Gregory Ivlieva, from the creation of NPR will benefit all, including the government, as the registry will help in the fight against counterfeit products and facilitate the monitoring of prices for vital and essential pharmaceuticals.