Pro-Kremlin experts predicted the reduction in the number of parties by two-thirds

Close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI prepared a report “a field Party of Russia on the eve of the single voting day in 2016,” which refers to the dynamics of development of non-parliamentary parties and the prospects of the party space by 2021.

The authors of the report, in particular, noted that the introduction of qualification system for small parties in 2014 sharply inhibited the activity of a purely political party projects.

“The elections to the state Duma 2021 the party system of Russia will consist of approximately 25 parties, out of which 14 parties will retain the registration for participation in the current parliamentary elections, and about ten parties will get her through the nomination of candidates at regional or municipal elections,” — said the head of ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky . The party system will be naturally cleared from most political parties-spoilers, the expert said. On the other hand, according to him, nothing prevents the emergence of new parties, since the order of their registration remains the most liberal.

The introduction of qualification system for small parties does not prevent development and expand the geography of participation in the elections small parties with their own ideology and branched regional structure, said Badovsky. According to him, currently about ten of these parties really want to continue actively to develop and compete with 14 parties “license”.

In article 37 of the Federal law “On political parties” States that the party is not taking for seven consecutive years, participation in elections, is subject to liquidation. Under the participation in the elections means the registration of a Federal list of candidates in deputies of the state Duma, the registration of the candidate of the party for the office of President, the registration of candidates of the party for the position of head of the region not less than 10% of the regions, as well as registration of candidates not less than 20% of elected legislatures or local governments not less than half of the regions.

On elections in legislative Assembly in 2016 are “regional benefit” could 17 small parties, the report said. To register partijski results of collection of signatures was able 40% of the vote, bringing to deal with the collection of signatures in at least one region managed 13 small parties.

Party system with a 25 developing in varying degrees by political parties is a system with a definitely high level of openness and competition, and not the nominal — the number of registered parties, and functional — the number of actively participating in the elections of parties, said Badovsky.

Previously, experts of Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin in his August report also warned about the reduction in the number of political parties to 2019-2020 years. But they interpreted it as reducing competition. The report noted: formed recent electoral restrictions were excessive, resulting in one of the 74 parties that had the right to nominate candidates to deputies of the state Duma, the ability tried to use only 25, and at the end of congresses of their Federal lists were able to assure the CEC is only 18.

After changed system of registration of candidates in 2014, it turned out a vicious circle: to participate in the elections you need to have benefits, to get benefits, you need to participate in the elections, said one of the authors of the report Alexander Kanev. In his opinion, the political system needs to be channels of admission of the new forces, and they “bricked”.

September 18, in the single voting day in Russia held elections of deputies of the state Duma, elections in 39 of the regional legislative Assembly and the election of seven heads of regions. The Duma elections will be held under a mixed system: 225 deputies will receive mandates under party lists and another 225 in single-mandate constituencies.