Putin instructed to zero import duties on business jets at the request of Sechin

Russian President Vladimir Putin in August last year, was instructed to support the appeal of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin and the release of the court’s business aviation from import duties and VAT, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the correspondence of the leadership of several departments — the MAYOR, the transport Ministry, the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of Finance, Federal customs service, Ministry and the FAS. Two officials of various ministries confirmed the publication of the fact of application and instructions. The third confirmed the authenticity of the letter of his head.

According to the representative of the Ministry, implementing instructions to reduce the duties on business jets has appointed the Ministry of Finance and the FCS proposals are being worked out. Representatives of Putin, of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of transport, Ministry of industry and trade and the Federal customs service requests are not answered.

The representative of “Rosneft” says that the proposal to abolish duties for more than a year and the company is no longer important. The idea, he said, was due to certain circumstances that are no longer available. He did not elaborate on what was going on. A Federal official, in turn, said that state-owned companies had the idea to buy a few planes with ski landing gear can accommodate up to 19 people for Northern fields.

Please Sechin nevertheless continues to be debated, the report of the President the Ministry of Finance should prepare before October 14 to the letter of the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Ilia Trunina sent last week.

According to the Manager of the company business aviation, oil and gas companies the biggest parks in Russia, business jets, and the largest — at “Rosneft” — 20 sides. The court was not in Russia and no official data.

A letter from the Deputy Minister for development of the Far East Kirill Stepanov says that in Russia the customs duty on the Gulfstream G650, 2015 release 16.8 per cent (at a price of 4.74 billion rubles is 790 million rubles. plus VAT 850 million), while in the EU and 2.7%. In this regard, the often used procedure of temporary importation to the territory of the Customs Union, said Stepanov, a conditional partial exemption from duties and taxes — monthly fee is only 3% of the duty and tax. While Stepanov cites the Ministry of economic development, according to Park business jets, affiliated with the Russian owners of about 500 units, and in the Russian register was 72.

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According to the managing Director Jet24 Pavel Zakharov, as a result of the crisis, many sell business jets. “Previously, indeed appeared the figure of 450-500, now there are about 300 vessels, of which 5% owners associated with Ukraine, 2% — with Kazakhstan, and 10% was in Russia,” he says. The number of Russian business jets — 300-400, evaluates the General Director Infomost Boris Rybak.

Zakharov explains that the presence in the Russian registry has several advantages and benefits in service on domestic flights, however, difficult navigation abroad. He gives examples: getting German permission can take up to 48 hours, and some areas will be closed for political reasons — in particular, Ukraine.

In addition to taxes, there are other reasons, believes Zakharov and calls the lack of privacy, high bureaucratic costs.

According to the Ministry, the implementation of the request Sechin will lead to increased fleet of vessels and the development of a network of airfields. The Deputy head of the Ministry of transport Valery Okulov said that the zero duty and registration of vessels in Russia will lead to the creation of jobs and increase in budget revenues. As follows from the letters of the FAS and the Ministry of industry and trade, they don’t mind. Zakharov agrees: if the aircraft is registered in Russia and flies 400 hours per year, according to the provisions of the Federal air transport Agency, he needs a second crew is already not two, but four jobs.