Sarkozy announced his intention to be elected President of France

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy decided to re-compete for the post of leader of the country on presidential election which will be held next spring, according to Le Figaro.

The publication cites passages from the summary released on Monday, August 22, the book policy is called “All for France”. In it, Sarkozy writes that the first “ranged”, but in the end decided to nominate his candidacy. He stressed that he “feels strong enough to participate in this struggle.”

“J’ai décidé d’être candidat à l élection présidentielle”, Sarkozy annonce dans un livre: “Tout pour la France”

— Arthur Berdah (@arthurberdah) 22 Aug 2016

According to Le Figaro, in his book, Sarkozy outlined the five main points on which to build his re-election campaign. Among them, however; identity “to protect our way of life” competitiveness for France to again become an economic power; power as the minority is blackmailing those in power” and the freedom “to restore confidence and hope for the future.”

The ex-President of France announced on 22 August, released today, the book is a “starting point”.

Ce livre est le point de départ-NS #ToutpourlaFrance

— Nicolas Sarkozy (@NicolasSarkozy) 22 Aug 2016

While Sarkozy did not specify whether he plans to participate in the primaries of the conservative party “the Republicans”, scheduled for November this year. Earlier in July, the former President of France has announced his decision to leave the party.

On the eve of the decision to nominate his candidacy for the French presidency announced the former Minister of economy of France Arnaud Montebur.

Of its intention to participate in presidential elections and also said the party leader “national front” marine Le Pen. “Yes, I am a candidate for the presidency in 2017. I am the candidate who will defend the truth,” she said in February 2016.