The court refused to let Nikita White from jail to the apartment of his lawyer

Basmanny court of capital on Monday extended by four months the arrest of the former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, the correspondent from the courtroom. Judge Elena Lenskaya refused to release him on bail or put under house arrest in the apartment of his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov.

Administrative resource

The process began almost exactly on schedule. White under the flashes of cameras brought into the hall by a reinforced unit of the convoy and put in an iron cage for the defendants. At the beginning of the meeting, the investigator told the court a certificate from the remand prison in which he argued that Whites regularly, but effectively medical assistance.

After that the investigator has submitted to the court the petition for arrest. He reminded that the criminal case against White is being investigated in June 24, after he was detained in one of the restaurants in Moscow. According to investigators, the Governor allegedly received the third tranche of a bribe in €400 thousand

The investigator said that the investigation period was extended until 24 December — it was at this time he was asked to leave the accused in prison. The investigator insisted that during this time, the investigation team must establish all the circumstances of the case — to the results of examinations and study all the documents.

“The grounds for changing the measure of restraint is not available. White is accused of grave crime for which the punishment exceeds ten years imprisonment,” — said the investigator. He insisted that once free, White will try to use administrative resources or their connections — would threaten witnesses or try to escape.

He was supported by the Prosecutor and requested to leave the Whites in jail. “Having a financial and administrative capacity, he can try to escape,” repeated the Prosecutor. “Those chronic diseases [who is White] do not prevent the detention, said the Prosecutor. — Necessary medical aid is White in jail”.

In turn, the lawyers argued that White suffers from diabetes and needs to regularly get insulin and adhere to a certain diet. The lawyers in the court told me that White even recently became ill during the investigation.

In the apartment of the lawyer

“You see, as requested by the investigator?” — the accused asked the judge Lena. “Sorry, of course — stood up himself White. But half of what he says the investigator, based on the fact that I am an official and have full administrative authority.” White recalled that on 28 July he was removed from office.

“He is no longer Governor and could not anyone to influence, nor in the Perm region, no where else” — supported his client’s lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. He also said that is untrue and the statement of the investigator about the financial capacity of the ex-Governor.

The defender insisted that was all owned by White is part of the apartment of his parents in Perm received before his birth and “Khrushchev” in Kirov.

Lawyer Prokhorov asked White to release on bail, “the amount which will be determined by the court, or to send under house arrest. As a place of house arrest Prokhorov offered his apartment in the capital or the White house in the suburban village of Nemchinovka. “Friends are ready to collect the Deposit, which is charged with the Whites, — said the lawyer. — That is 28 million rubles., although we plead not guilty”.

Sam White also requested to release him from arrest, he insisted that he could not regularly meet with lawyers because of the large queues in jail, and to obtain the necessary medical assistance. “Twice a week I go to the infirmary, but that’s not enough,” said White.

Especially large bribe

White was detained July 24, employees SKR and FSB in Moscow restaurant on the 21st floor of Lotte Plaza. According to investigators, he received the next tranche of bribes for a total amount of 400 thousand euros. In confirmation of this version, almost immediately after the arrest, the Investigative Committee has published photos on which the Governor reads bundles to the bills at the table.

According to investigators, the money the Governor promised the patronage of companies JSC “Novovyatskiy ski factory” and OOO “Forest management company”. He was charged with receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). White himself denies taking a bribe and claims that money intended for needs of a city of Kirov.