The first electoral debates, the candidates devoted to criticism of the government

The liberal government

Representatives of six of the 14 parties participating in the elections of the state Duma, took part in the first debate, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia-1”. The topic of the debate was economic and financial policies. Each candidate was given 30 seconds to introduce ourselves, and another four minutes to speak. Among the applicants did not argue. The debate was also attended by the Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Burkov (“Fair Russia”), the leader of the party “Patriots of Russia” Gennady Semigin, Chairman of the “Civic platform” Rifat Shaikhutdinov, Deputy of the state Duma Oksana Dmitriev (“Party of Growth”), the leader of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky and the second number in the list of PARNASSUS nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev.

Most participants in the debate devoted his speech to criticism of the “liberal course of the government.” “We need to go back to the way to get rid of these liberals, from the government and to expel them, first of all we are talking about an economic unit. This work has already begun, finally decided by the Minister of education,” — said Shaikhutdinov from the “Civic platform”.

Dmitriev said that the “Party of Growth” in favour of the indexation of pensions and salaries, lower taxes, freezing of utility tariffs. “Our growth strategy against the notorious macroeconomic stabilization Alexei Kudrin and the government,” expressed his attitude to the candidate.

Yavlinsky on behalf of “Apple” identified the essential problem for voters: higher prices. The reason for the price increase he called “a conspiracy of the networks and producers,” and called to stop consuming foods sanctions. “Power and politics should be changed. We will change the power together/” — appealed to the voters Yavlinsky. “Today the main recipe is not to lie and not to steal, neither the President nor the government to deal with this,” said the candidate.

Burkov from “Fair Russia”, said that thanks to the socialist-revolutionaries had sacked the head of the FCS Andrei Belyaninov: the working group on the initiative of the party leader Sergei Mironov in 2014 showed the amount received less budget from customs payments, said the Deputy. Burkov also attributed to the merits of SRS dismissal of education Minister Dmitry Livanov. According to him, the socialist party launched the campaign “Do it or leave it!”, “directed against the liberal government”. “The government is afraid. Start to do something and dismissed the Minister Livanov!”, — happy Burkov.

The leader “Patriots of Russia” Gennady Semigin has concentrated on a critique of “public and private oligarchic monopolies that affect economic policy. “When we see stolen billions of dollars, and the price of fares is huge, we understand that there in the first place it is necessary to restore order.”

Economy mood

The most emotional was the performance Maltseva from PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov. He called for the impeachment of President Vladimir Putin on the air of Federal TV channel Russia 1. “It turns out, the situation as always: blame the boyars, they are bad, but the king extraordinary,” commented the calls of colleagues Maltsev. — If the king doesn’t know what’s going on in the country, that such a king should be in the loony bin to plant. But if he knows and does not stop it, he should be put in jail. What if he knows and supports this, then count need to put these people,” — said Maltsev.

He turned to the audience and asked, who are against Putin. Hands raised some people that a leading television channel Dmitry Shchugorev noticed that this “not enough”.

“The entire economy of Russia is the will of Putin, his mood. He’s in a good mood — we have a bad economy, he has a bad mood — we have a very bad economy. I would not like to in a great country, economy and politics depended on one person,” continued Maltsev. He called Putin “the main obstacle that hinders our economy and politics”.

“The economy is taxes, there are tariffs, many topics that interest the citizens,” tried to besiege Maltseva leading. “The drainage worked, it is necessary to cancel Putin, of course,” he joked in response Shaikhutdinov. It was the only candidate who defended the President, interrupting Mal. His proposal he called “nonsense.”

Popular nationalist blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev was leading in the primaries of the opposition Democratic coalition to their breakdown. He got 5.4 million votes, but the primaries were disrupted after the data of users who voted in the primaries PARNASSUS, including passwords, was free for hacking. Several members of PARNAS recommended that the Congress party not to include in the list Maltsev for “anti-Semitic statements”. However, the proposal received the required number of votes.

The impact of the debates on the outcome of the election campaign is determined by the rating of the debate, but the ratings for the first debate, likely to have been low, as they watched people who probably accidentally turned on at this point, the TV, says political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “More important is how the party will work with the texture, which gave their candidates as a infopovod,” — said the expert. Maltsev “has gone VA-Bank, but this is a bet on shocking, says the analyst. “It is one thing when the hard statements is a famous person and quite another when we are talking about the little-known politics and form of power over content,” said Kalachev.