The parliamentary opposition appealed the CEC refusal to hold a televised debate in Moscow

The parliamentary opposition was against the abolition of pre-election TV debates with single-seat districts in Moscow. Appropriate treatment at the CEC on Friday sent representatives of the Communist party, LDPR, and on Monday plans to direct “Fair Russia”. The Communists in its request (have) the CEC called the abolition debate “a political decision, dictated by the uncertainty in the support of Muscovites conducted by the Federal and regional policy guidance and fear of facts of blatant incompetence and corruption of authorities.”

On Thursday, Vedomosti reported that after the draw airtime for candidates to the state Duma in Moscow, the Moscow election Committee took the decision not to hold a televised debate between the candidates because of lack of airtime. By law, the regional media must make time for election coverage. TV channels in the capital is “Moscow Doverie” and “Moscow 24”, belonging to city hall.

Instead of debates, candidates invited to record a 25-second video, which is several times potenziruut Moscow TV channels.

From the Communist party of the request to the Chairman of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova, the deputies of the state Duma Valery Rashkin (running in Moscow at Lublin in single-mandate constituency) and Sergei Obukhov. They are requested to check the legality and validity of the decision to cancel the debate and to take action to the television election discussion did take place.

The head of the municipal district Tagansky, the candidate from “Fair Russia” in Tushino single-member district Ilya Sviridov in his address to the CEC (got) has estimated that if each candidate in Moscow for five minutes of airtime, the amount of parties and candidates-odnomandatniki will receive a half hour broadcast a day at the Moscow channels. “It’s a small amount of time required to conduct a debate as part of a full-fledged election campaign”, — said Sviridov.

The cancellation of the debate significantly violates the electoral rights of citizens, writes in their requests to the CEC and the Moscow city election Commission (published in Facebook), candidate from the liberal democratic party in single-mandate district Kuntsevsky, Chairman of the Committee on public organizations of the state Duma Yaroslav Nilov. He asked the Committee chairmen to return to the issue of the debate and to help them to take place.

The press service of the CEC are unable to provide online commentary on Sunday.

Refusal to debate is not a violation of the law, so the chances of Complainants is only if the appropriate political decision, if the CEC will appeal to the Moscow city government with the recommendation to increase the amount of time, said a member of the IPCC Mikhail Petrov. The law does not stipulate how much time the candidate has to campaign in the regional media, he explained . “The norm about the debate is blurred in the law says that if each candidate has less than five minutes, the debate to make no sense and you can restrict movies,” he added.

Unlike the single-mandate the party will debate at the Moscow channels, said Petrov. The law says that regional media must give at least 30 minutes a day on the air, he said. They are divided about equally: 15 minutes is given to the debate between the parties — seven parties a day, and the same odnomandatniki. But single-seat districts in Moscow 184 (in 15 districts), and split between them is a small amount of air time did not work, said a member of Mothersurname. At the same time, according to Petrov, “of course, it is better to conduct discussions, if we are talking about elections.”

All candidates, whether the candidates of parties or single-mandate should be given equal opportunities, including in terms of the debate, says the co-Chairman of movement “the Voice” Grigory Melkonyants. He expressed the hope that odnomandatniki in Moscow all-taki will allow to debate on the channels.