The US state Department has questioned the termination of Russia’s use of air bases in Iran

According to the official representative of US state Department Mark Turner, the Agency is not sure whether Russia completely stopped the use of the airbase in Hamedan, Reuters reported. He stressed that the US is closely watching the development of cooperation between Russia and Iran.

“We are not clear whether Russia completely stopped using Iranian air base,” said state Department spokesman at a briefing on August 22.

Earlier on August 22, Russia said that all Russian military and FSI Russian planes left the air base, Hamadan in Iran. Meanwhile, the defense Ministry noted that continued use of aircraft of Russian air force air base, Hamadan “will be implemented on the basis of mutual agreements on combating terrorism and, depending on the prevailing situation in Syria.”

That Russia stopped the use of the base, reported the representative of the foreign Ministry of Iran Bahram Hashemi stating that Russia has completed the operation ” in Syria, for which the aircraft were transferred to the airbase. The Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan was blamed Moscow of “bragging” for the publicity given to use of the base. Earlier, Iran’s Ministry of defense asserted that Moscow may use the airbase in Iran for as long as I see fit.

The US state Department earlier called Russia’s use of base Hamadan deplorable and noted that the use of Iranian bases the Russian military may contradict resolution No. 2231 of the UN security Council, which regulates implementation of nuclear deal with Iran. Moscow these assumptions are rejected. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov compared the reaction of the United States with the “search for fleas”.