Biden urged the Baltic States not to be taken seriously trump’s words on NATO

Vice-President Joe Biden at a meeting with leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on 23 August in Riga urged the Baltic States not to take seriously the words of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of Donald trump of NATO partners, according to Reuters. Earlier, trump claimed that the US, in the event of aggression by Russia should help only those NATO allies who “fulfill their obligations” to the United States.

Biden during his visit to Latvia, suggested that trump does not understand the fifth paragraph of the NATO Charter that guarantees mutual defense of the States-participants of the Alliance.

“I want to clearly convey to all residents of the Baltic States: we pledged to fulfill our sacred duty <…> under the agreement, NATO”, — said Biden. According to him, that “sometimes you can hear from the candidate “should not be taken seriously”.

Vice-President of the United States stressed that both Democrats and Republicans support obligations to NATO.

“It’s important for us that we, all parties, are ready to confirm our strategic partnership <…> and we are sure that no matter what changes will be after the election [in the] United States, they will remain true to its commitments to NATO in the Baltic region,” — said, speaking after Biden, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.

In July of this year, Donald trump in an interview with The New York Times doubted that he would automatically extend security guarantees to the countries-members of NATO. He noted that we are talking about safeguards, “giving the 28 member countries of NATO confidence that USA with all its military resources will “cover their backs”.

In response to the question about “threatening activities” of Russia, which worries the Baltic States, trump said that if Russia attacked them, he would provide military assistance only if they fulfil their obligations to the United States. “If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is Yes,” said trump.