Campaigning for the elite: what prevents the parties to place billboards in Moscow

Repair, the ban and the lack of seats

A month before the elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation, representatives of several parties complained of obstacles to placement of outdoor advertizing in Moscow.

Candidates from the Communist party saying that capital operators of outdoor advertising for a variety of reasons refuse of the party in placing the campaign on billboards. According to the head of the Communist party faction in the Moscow city Duma Andrei Klychkov, the company denied with different wording. Someone repair began suddenly, and someone, according Klychkov, said banning advertising from the Communist party. According to the leader of the Moscow Communists Valery Rashkin, some companies refused and were concluded with them contracts on advertising, but billboards hanging for three days, after which they were removed. The money was returned to the Communists, says Rashkin, but the cooperation has not resumed.

Rashkin argues that, for various reasons, the Communists rejected the company TRC, “Rouen”, “Belief & the Olympus” and “Laysa”. The sales, the SEC said the company had no contracts with the Communist party and Rashkin and claims from him she had received. The representative of the company “Ruan”, said that since July the company lost their space to another firm and only for that reason could cease cooperation with the Communist party, although the contract with does not remember. The Secretary of the company “Belief & the Olympus” said to answer questions from only the head of sales, who is on vacation. A representative of “Laysa” asked to send questions by mail and did not respond to them.

Refusal advertisers, and told the candidate of the party “Rodina” Eugene Kolesov, who is running in Kuntsevo constituency (No. 197). He tried to place outdoor advertising in the district and appealed to the four major operators — “Gema” Gallery, “Belief & the Olympus” and Russ Outdoor, but all turned him down, says the candidate. Company “Heme” in correspondence he explained his refusal by the prohibition to advertise candidates “homeland” from the Moscow city hall, he said, providing a copy of a letter from the operator. The representative of the company “Belief & the Olympus” during the negotiations said that the need to coordinate ad layout with the Deputy mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin Anastasia Rakova (a copy of the letter y), then also refused the placement. The rest of the operators explained the denial of “outdoor advertizing” “Home,” a shortage of places, said Kolesov. To obtain comments of the company “Belief & the Olympus” and “Gema” on Tuesday night failed.

Press Secretary of the mayor of Moscow Gulnara Penkova has not answered the question, did Moscow authorities guidance to operators of advertising.

The “Yabloko” party only talks about the placement of outdoor advertising in Moscow, told the press-Secretary of the party founder Grigory Yavlinsky Igor Yakovlev. “Agree, it turns out small businesses that have a small amount of advertising space,” said Yakovlev, adding that major contractors refuse to deal with the “Apple” business. The company, according to Yakovlev, explain the refusal of employment or with the phrase “well, you know…”, the names of the companies, he said. Thanks to the small firms, the party is “outdoor advertising” in Moscow, but it will be a little, added the spokesman, refusing to give more precise figures. He recalled that in the previous campaign this was the most problematic form of agitation, so how often the owners of advertising space are closely linked with the regional authorities.

“Fair Russia” has not yet commenced outdoor advertising in Moscow, said the head of the election headquarters of the Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Burkov. “But in other regions, such as Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Belgorod regions, saying that we were late and all of the areas rented out, or cut off our ads,” complains Burkov.

PARNASSUS, if you will allow the funds may enter into contracts for outdoor advertising, however, while the party leadership did not, said the Deputy Chairman of the party Konstantin Merzlikin. “One Billboard is hundreds of thousands of rubles, if to take for a month and in a good location, it’s very expensive,” — said the politician. While the party has established a propaganda Cuba and handing out leaflets with the help of volunteers, every day in Moscow is worth ten cubes. According to Merzlikina, PARNASSUS has not faced any opposition during the campaign by the authorities in the capital, although in many regions “does not give to coordinate pickets”. The total budget for the campaign — tens of millions of rubles, said Merzlikin, zatrudnilisj to call a more accurate amount.

Who have no problems

No problem with external is the “United Russia”. The party in power will be exposed to campaign with the image of Medvedev, Putin with quotes and slogans of United Russia party members of their election program, described earlier in the party. In addition to the billboards the United Russia party prepared even TV commercials. Some of them will be Putin’s statements, and some will involve candidates from “United Russia”, which pagetimeout for the party, says United Russia.

Actively using outdoor advertising, liberal democratic party — before the start of active campaign hung in the regions of additional billboards with your logo. Just now the liberal democratic party hang about 3.5 thousand banners across the country, said a source in the party. According to him, all outdoor advertising has been spent about 50 million rubles In this campaign the LDPR has started using billboards on public transport (trains, buses, airports) — she spent about 20% of all spending on visual propaganda from the election Fund, said Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev. According to him, this is one of the most effective and inexpensive types of agitation and, in addition, this year by administrative barriers for placement. Candidates of the liberal democratic party also used during the campaign of getmanski, and in the beginning of August from Moscow to the regions went convoy, consisting of trucks and two buses. As explained Degtyarev, closer to the election to save the electoral Fund of the liberal democratic party chose to let the buses instead of the traditional party campaign train, which plied the regions with the beginning of the year.

A lot of outdoor advertising of the Party of growth, said the Deputy Chairman of the party Tatyana Marchenko. In the campaign will use the slogan “Growth”, “Russia — the territory of growth”. The focus of the party will make to Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg and other Russian cities. The problems with outdoor advertising, the party has not arisen, since the companies agreed in advance, as soon as it was decided to participate in the elections, said Marchenko. The party has placed in the capital of the ten billboards and 40 city boards. Also the Party of growth makes propaganda graffiti on the pavement, in 79 regions sent the square stencils are the arrow and the phrase “the Increase will be. Completely under graffiti in support of the party cast wall of the building on Nikitsky Boulevard. According to Marchenko, in total outdoor advertising in Moscow, the party spent 12 million rubles.

Scooters and spontaneous posting

In addition to the billboards of the party involved other ways to agitate passers-by. Party growth has launched volunteers in branded scooters that are in t-shirts with party symbols go to the capital and handing out campaign literature. In Moscow there are hundreds of such volunteers. Also in the capital go 500 cars with big stickers “Growth will be,” says Marchenko.

The Communists are going to produce 20 million units of its election program “Ten steps to a decent life”, said one of the leaders of the election headquarters of the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Dmitry Novikov. “Fair Russia” intends to distribute 25 million of their Newspapers with the 3 thousand agitators, Burke says.

“Homeland” in case of failures in the billboards in Moscow is going to do “natural putting up on the facades of houses,” said the analyst of “homeland” Vladimir Kudashov.

“Apple” intends to use all means of propaganda: debates, volunteers, and booklets, including buying the paid broadcast on “Rain” and “echo of Moscow”, said Yakovlev. In addition, the party tries to pay much attention to social media, mobile, and contextual advertising.

PARNASSUS is also the main focus in the campaign will make on the Internet, as it believes online advertising is most effective for your audience than the more expensive “outdoor advertising,” said Merzlikin. PARNAS will focus on promoting the videos via Facebook and Youtube, and banner ads through Google.

The authorities have always tried to use a formal possibility to limit outdoor advertising of competitors, because it gives other parties the chance to engage in political propaganda, the Chairman of the Board of Directors “Niccolo M” Igor Mintusov. “Unfortunately, that is the nature of any government in the absence of civil society, which would control it, and a system of independent courts”, — he explained. If your operators do agree on layouts promotion of parties with the Moscow mayor’s office, this violation of the law, the expert said.