Employers in Sochi was ordered to notify the police of new employees

Sochi employers were obliged to provide law enforcement authorities information about all hired employees. The decision was taken at a meeting of the antiterrorist Commission of the city administration, the press service of the administration.

“It was done to strengthen security measures in the city”, — is told in the message. It also clarifies that the new rule will primarily affect non-residents and applies to all business entities, whether a sole proprietorship, LLC or a large holding.

According to the head of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the words quoted by the press service to provide information on new employees is a necessity in a “very busy time”.

“Not to think about who you hire to work now, tremendously dangerous. We live in a very stressful time. And now it is a necessity. And in any case, even in the head itself does not take what is possible without registration, without a contract to take the job,” — said Pakhomov.

Now the enterprises of Sochi for the work of the Commission on the prevention of informal employment, leading surnames account for all employees, compare it with deductions in tax and pension Fund, said the press service of the Sochi administration. Offenders are invited to meetings of the interdepartmental Commission. If violations are not eliminated within three days, the company enters the labour Inspectorate, the results of which are prescribed severe penalties. For the last time, their total sum amounted to about 6 million rubles, noted in the municipality of Sochi.