PARNAS was denied its Chairman Yashin in the room for the presentation of the report

About “unforeseen difficulties” in the preparation of the report “Party “Criminal Russia” Ilya Yashin said in Facebook.

“Previous reports I presented in the office of PARNASSUS, where there is a convenient room. But this time [the party President] Mikhail Kasyanov, through the chief of staff told me that the presentation in the party room impossible. I can only guess why,” he wrote, adding that he is looking for another room.

Vice-Chairman PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin has explained the refusal to grant Yashin the premises that the office of PARNAS, you’ll campaign headquarters of the party and to evict him at an event I would not want”.

“This [presentation] is it a private initiative, no decisions of the party in this regard does not exist, Yashin in the election campaign does not participate, so he sells his private initiative,” he added. According to Merzlikina, Yashin didn’t ask to offer him an alternative, so this issue was not raised.

Initially, the initiative to provide an office for presentation of the report came from the office of the party, but it was vetoed by Kasyanov, said a source in the party.

Opposition leader Alexei Navlny, commenting on the report, said that the Fund of struggle against corruption, which he heads, is ready to invite Ilya with his report to me.”

Presentation of the report Yashin plans to hold next week.